'Too Hot to Handle': Francesca Says She Only Went on a Date With Kori to Prove That She and Harry Were Solid

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey connected right away on Netflix’s first season of Too Hot to Handle. In fact, they were the first couple to cost the group some money.

Francesca says, at the time, she wasn’t thinking about losing money. She was thinking about kissing Harry.

“Because Harry and I connected so early on, everyone expected us to break the rules first,” she told TVLine. “We were so strong from Day 1. I didn’t go into the competition thinking that I would be the first person to break the rules. I just thought, ‘If I want to kiss him, I’m going to kiss him.’”

What happened between Kori and Francesca on ‘Too Hot to Handle’

So when model and personal trainer Kori Sampson entered the picture, fans were thinking there’s no way he was going to start connecting with Francesca. She seemed to be set on Harry.

Initially, Kori shares a kiss with Chloe Veitch (costing the group $3,000) but eventually sets his sights on Francesca despite her established connection with Harry. Kori asks Francesca on a date and she says yes. They flirt a little but, ultimately, Francesca shuts him down in an effort to be loyal to Harry.

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“Harry and I both knew that if someone else asked us on a date, we were going to do it,” she said. “Even though we’re so strong and we know we’ve found what we want, [I just wanted to] prove it to the group. A little test here and there is good for a relationship. Kori’s an attractive guy, and I knew he was interested in me right away, so going on the date and shutting him down was my way of proving to everyone that Harry and I were as strong as we said we were.”

Both Kori and Francesca didn’t go on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ to win money

Kori ends up being disqualified because he failed to adhere to the guidelines on the show. The personal trainer obviously didn’t go on the show in the hopes of winning money. But, to be fair, neither did Francesca.

“I was just there to have fun and maybe form a connection with someone,” she told TVLine. “Once the rules were introduced, and after the initial shock wore off, I basically thought, ‘I didn’t come here expecting to win any money, and we don’t even know how this money’s going to be split.’ So if I felt like kissing someone, I was going to kiss someone. I didn’t care how much money I lost, which is probably why I ended up losing the most out of everyone in the house. But that was my mindset, to have fun and entertain myself as much as I could. As much as I made everyone mad, I don’t regret anything that I did.”

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