Too Hot to Handle Update: Which Couple Is 'Stronger Than Ever' Today?

Heads up (and hands off): We’re about to spoil the finale of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. If you haven’t completed the reality sexperiment, turn back now.

“I get the girl and I get a bit of money? You can’t put a price on this” Harry Jowsey declared in the finale of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. “This is magic.” Indeed, the 21-year-old Australian — who spent all eight episodes romancing 26-year-old Instagram model Francesca Farago — was riding high after learning that all 10 players would split the $75,000 grand prize evenly.

But how is he feeling now, more than a year after filming wrapped on the show? We can’t exactly tell you that, but we can confirm that he and Francesca are still going strong. “Stronger than ever,” in fact.

“We are still together,” she tells TVLine, admitting that “it’s been hard with the long distance.” (She currently resides in British Columbia, while he has since relocated from Queensland to Los Angeles.) “And we had a little break in between, but we’re stronger than ever. It’s hard because we can’t watch the show together, and we can’t see each other in person until quarantine is over. I’m a little nervous to watch our love story, but he’s my No. 1 friend and my greatest cheerleader, so we’ll support each other through it.”

As for that infamous painting of Francesca’s “yoni,” it remains safely in Harry’s possession… for now. “He sent a picture of it to me a few days ago,” she says. “It’s not hanging up yet, because he lives with a few guys now, so it might be weird for a random ‘cat’ painting to be hanging up. But when Harry and I get a place, we’ll probably hang it in the bathroom to remind us [how our relationship started].”

Beyond that, “We want to get a Rottweiler and a Bulldog and have a little dog family,” she says. “And we’re not opposed to doing more television — but hopefully not something like Ex on the Beach.”

Sadly, the same can’t be said for Atlanta-based Rhonda Paul, 27, and New Jersey native Sharron Townsend, 25. “We’re not together, but we’re still very close,” Rhonda tells TVLine. “We actually have not had a chance to see each other again, face to face, since we filmed the season. There’s been so much stuff going on. We’ve both been busy with work. At some point, we both realized that it just wasn’t going to work, but we we decided to still be there for one another. Hopefully when this quarantine is all over, we can find that time while things slowly get back to normal.”

Are you surprised that Francesca and Harry are still “going strong,” or that Sharron and Rhonda haven’t seen each other since filming the show? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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