Too Hot to Handle’s Francesca Farago addresses accidental X-rated moment

Too Hot To Handle become an instant sensation since it made its big debut on online streaming service Netflix last Friday. Viewers were instantly hooked on the dating show, which sets itself apart from others of its kind with one huge twist.

Can anyone guess why this pic reminds me of episode 8?

Francesca Farago

The brand new series focuses on a bunch of hopefuls getting to know each other in a luxury resort in Mexico, each with a chance of walking away with $100,000 (£79,900).

But if any of the contestants get intimate, sums of money will be deducted from the overall prize fund.

And it didn’t take long for the rules to be broken.

One contestant, Francesca Farago, was no stranger to flouting these rules during her time on the show.

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can anyone guess why this pic reminds me of episode 8? ������

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In fact, the brunette bombshell was causing trouble left right and centre.

And since the hit program aired, she has addressed one cheeky moment in particular that left her accidentally bearing all to the rest of the group.

As the point of the show boils down to intimacy, it’s suffice to say, Francesca didn’t play by the rules.

By ignoring the sex ban and causing penalties here, there and everywhere as she couldn’t keep her hands off Harry Jowsey, she cost the group $32,000 (£25,000) of the big prize fund.

But she got the opportunity to earn some of it back by putting herself to the ultimate test.

She and love interest Harry, had to spend the night alone together with a strict no touching rule.

If they become intimate at any point they would cost the group more money.

With fans sat at home debating whether or not she would pull it off, she proved them wrong and the pair came out victorious, even though it was clearly a challenge for them both.

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Their success brought the final cash prize from $43,000 (£34,000) back up to $75,000 (£59,000).

But as the couple hugged in celebration of winning their teammates the money back, her bikini top slipped and she ended up flashing the whole group who then rushed to cover her up.

And after watching the awkward moment go down on telly whilst in coronavirus quarantine, Francesca couldn’t help but take a little dig at herself in jest, posting to her Instagram to laugh at what had happened.

The model shared a pic from a photoshoot where she posed with her top hanging off her shoulder, bearing all on her right side as she cupped her asset with her hand.


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Beside the snap she wrote the caption: “Can anyone guess why this pic reminds me of episode 8?”

The joke left fans in hysterics, as they recalled their favourite’s cheeky nip-slip.

Despite flouting the rules on numerous occasions, Francesca managed to walk away with $7,500 (£5,900), not a bad sum of money to win considering!

The full series is available to watch on Netflix now.

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