TOWIE'S James Lock apologises for being 'insensitive' in Dubai 'while people at home are struggling'

TOWIE'S James Lock has apologised for being 'insensitive' while in Dubai admitting he should have been more considerate to people struggling in UK lockdown.

But the reality TV star defended his decision for staying in the UAE, saying he was working, not partying.

James, also known as Lockie, exclusively told The Sun: "I hold my hands up, I have been insensitive at times.

"I should have been more considerate to the people back home who are struggling. I know people are finding it hard, including my own family and people that I love.

"But I honestly haven't meant to upset anyone and I'm not a bad person. I've tried to be as respectful as I can. Some influencers were out here partying but I've not been here on holiday I've been out here working hard and that's why I stayed.

"People are saying you can be an influencer anywhere but you really can't. It's all determined by your traffic on social media.

"I understand if people think it's distasteful but that's our job to promote things and that's why I've teamed up with OOOOO.

"If we don't we don't earn money and we can't pay our bills. Would it be better if we were asking the Government for help? Or if we went bankrupt?"

The long-term Towie favourite, 34, has been bombarded with sick death threats for working in Dubai despite the global pandemic.

In our Sun exclusive earlier this week he blasted Home Secretary Priti Patel for “inciting hate” on influencers after she criticised them in the House of Commons.

For the time being James has decided to stay in Dubai as content creator for the UK’s number one live shopping app OOOOO.

Worried about his future career Lockie said: "Yes I am on Towie at the moment and that's fantastic but I'm 34 and not getting any younger," he said.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity and I love being on the show so much but nothing good lasts forever and I am scared of that.

"I am trying to think about my next move and build a business career.

"I know people sometimes see me as a party boy but I'm honestly not a 'champagne Charlie'. I work really hard.

"I have various businesses and investments but I don't have family or parents who can bail me out if I don't make a success of myself.

"I'm trying to provide for myself and my family like anyone else would in my position.

"I want to earn enough money so my parents can retire. Then my dad doesn't have to go out on the building site and put his life at risk because the Government says he should.

"I know what poverty is. I grew up in Tower Hamlets. It's one of the poorest places in the country.

"I've come from nothing and I don't want to go back to nothing. That genuinely scares me. It's one of my biggest fears. That's why I want to work hard. That's what drives me every day."

To make matters worse Lockie has just split from long-term girlfriend Yazmin Oukellou, 27, after a blazing fight during a night out in Dubai.

The former couple are rumoured to both be staying in the ME Dubai hotel but separate rooms.

Lockie denied being out of touch with the public consensus back home.

In an earlier interview he told how a Covid tragedy had affected his family personally.

He also added: "I found the first lockdown really hard for my mental health. I was locked in with my dad and we really struggled with the booze at first.

"It was like we were a couple of alcoholics at first. I want to protect myself from that.

"My dad is still struggling now. He's at home finding it hard. He's a builder in London so he's facing it every day.

"The Government are saying he has to go to work or he doesn't get paid.

"So it is ok for him to get on the underground in a confined space and then go to work and put his life at risk but he's then forced to stay in all night and can't even go see his own family or grandkids.

"It doesn't make sense what they are saying. I don't think they are looking after peoples' mental health. There is a bigger problem than just the health risks directly from Covid."

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