Trevor Noah Unmasks The Absurdity Of America’s Anger Over COVID Face Coverings

At one point in his opening monologue, Daily Social Distancing Show host Trevor Noah attempts to follow the logic of America’s anti-mask resistance.

“Wearing a mask can make it hard to breathe,” acknowledges Noah. Then he continues: “You know what else can make it hard to breathe? Coronavirus.”

It’s only one of many absurd instances of Americans’ refusal to comply with the dictates of science that Noah points out.

Other highlights? Video of the Kentucky woman who became a viral sensation after figuring out how to make it easier to breathe in her mask: She cut a hole in it.

An Oklahoma order that residents wear face masks at stores and restaurants that had to be amended when retail employees complained they were being verbally abused and threatened for asking customers to comply.

A video showing a man walking over and wiping his nose on a clerk’s shirt after being asked why he wasn’t wearing a face mask.

And it goes on and on.

In the end, Noah asks rhetorically who so many Americans are resisting the wearing of masks. “Maybe,” he says over a shot of shot of a barefaced Donald Trump at a briefing, “It’s because their leaders are leading by example.”

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