Vikings season 6: Major inaccuracy in King Harald’s finale storyline exposed

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The final instalment of Vikings thrilled fans with its signature blend of Norse legends and brutal recreations of some of history’s pivotal battles. However, one fan tuned in to the final ten episodes on Amazon Prime Video last year, and realised some key plot points just weren’t adding up.

Fans have realised that the final moments of King Harald (played by Peter Franzén) in the sixth season of Vikings were almost completely fabricated.

Showrunner Michael Hirst wrote each episode of the successful historical drama, and was infamous for playing fast and loose with fact and fiction.

While most fans brushed off some of the writer’s more questionable narrative decisions, one fan felt the events of the show’s final instalment took things a step too far.

In the second half of season six, Harald joined Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) in his vengeful crusade against King Alfred (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo).

Ivar and the Norwegian fleet gain an advantage by taking position at Edington and desecrating the countryside to lure out the King’s forces.

Alfred is later spurred on by visions of England’s victory, and the battle comes to a halt when Ivar and Harald are fatally wounded and eventually succumb to their wounds.

However, one fan maintains that Harald should never have been present at the battle in the first place.

They posted on IMDb: “None of the main events happened in the way told.”

“Harald Finehair’s history is uncertain, but he definitely never invaded England. And events leading up to the Battle of Edington were quite different.”

While the series offers a general overview of the historical Battle of Edington, there are no historical records to prove that Harald actually invaded Wessex.

Although Ivar was indeed said to have led what was known as The Great Heathen Army, Harald would have stayed put in Norway.

Moreover, Viking accounts show that Harald most likely reigned until the year 930 and died two years later, decades after the Battle of Edington took place.

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Not only did the series climactic final battle feature a historical figure who should have been miles away at the time, Harald was killed well before his time.

To make matters worse, the same viewer also highlighted some major issues with Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) settling in North America at the end of the series.

Some casual history buffs may be surprised to learn that Norse explorer Leif Erikson is the first known European to step foot in America, dubbed Vinland by the Vikings.

While most fans could suspend their disbelief that other travellers such as Ubbe may have stumbled across the New World first, this viewer had some serious issues with their actions once they got there.

They added: “Some Icelanders did settle in ‘Vinland’, but never had good relations with the Native Americans. These united against them and drove them out.”

Ubbe and Torvi (Georgia Hirst) arrived in North America to find that long-missing boatbuilder Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) had already settled there and built a strong relationship with the Native community.

In reality, their relationship would have been much more hostile, and Floki most likely wouldn’t have survived very long on his own.

Rather than setting up camp on the Natives’ doorstep, the Viking explorers would have been driven further inland to avoid further conflict and eventually died out.

Vikings seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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