Vikings season 6, part 2 theories: Will Ivar rule over the Rus’ people?

Vikings: Amazon Prime release trailer for final season

In Vikings season six, part one, Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) joined forces with Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky), in a bid to defeat Bjorn Ironside and take control of Kattegat. In the final 10 episodes, some fans suspect Ivar may turn against Oleg and take Kattegat for himself and potentially the Kievan’ Rus. Will Ivar rule over the Rus’ people? has everything you need to know.

Will Ivar rule over the Rus’ people?

At the end of Vikings season six, part one, Ivar the Boneless stabbed his brother, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) on the beaches of Kattegat.

In the trailer for the new series, Ivar can be seen standing in line with Prince Oleg of Novgorod, ruler of the Kievan Rus.

Prince Oleg and his forces were victorious at the battle of Kattegat and the final 10 episodes will potentially see a crippled Bjorn Ironside attempt to reclaim the throne.

As part of Prince Oleg’s deal with Ivar, Oleg promised Ivar that he would become the King of Norway after the siege of Kattegat.

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However, the resurrection of Bjorn may not be the only challenge Prince Oleg is facing.

Fans suspect Ivar the Boneless may betray Oleg, taking control of Norway, Kattegat and the Kievan Rus.

Throughout the series, Ivar had been negotiating with Oleg’s brother Prince Dir (Lenn Kudrjawizki), who is also hoping to overthrow Oleg in Novgorod.

Ivar the Boneless also began to distrust Prince Oleg of Novgorod.

At one point, he even accused Oleg of using him as his “puppet”.

Ivar is also positive Oleg is trying to deliberately weaken Ivar by marrying Katia (Alicia Agneson), who Ivar believes to be his deceased wife Freydis (Alicia Agneson).

Speaking to TV Guide, Vikings creator Michael Hirst said: “Well you know, this isn’t a secret, but Ivar’s been negotiating with Oleg’s brother, who is hoping to overthrow Oleg and, depending obviously on what happens in the battle for Kattegatt, you know the plan is that Ivar would become king of all Norway if they succeed in defeating Bjorn and Harald (Peter Franzen).

“But if that doesn’t happen, it raises the possibility that Ivar’s plan with Oleg’s brother might come to some sort of fruition.

“I think that the relationship between Oleg and Ivar, again, is a rich and complicated one, and it always has been.

“The Rus had been pagans very shortly before they became Christian, so it’s only a generation since they were pagans.

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“And when Ivar first turns up, he’s a famous Viking warrior.

“He also claims to be a god. And that has sort of thrown Oleg, even though Oleg is so powerful, so brutal. He’s mystified and troubled by Ivar. So there’s a game that goes on between them. …

“Oleg has had all the power, opportunities to kill Ivar. But Oleg is worried about Ivar and continues to be worried just in case some of what Ivar claims is true.

“So it goes on being a dynamic relationship where Ivar, who seems to be powerless, is not powerless.

“Ivar is clever and intelligent and can find ways around the most difficult situation, and I think that’s what you’ll discover.”

In Vikings, Ivar the Boneless travelled along the Silk Road, where he was ambushed by Prince Oleg’s right-hand man Ganbaatar (Andrei Claude).

Taken to Kiev as a prisoner, Prince Oleg was intrigued by Ivar’s past as King and believed him to be a true descendant of the Viking god Odin (André Eriksen).

Although Ivar the Boneless and Prince Oleg are believed to be real people from the Viking Age, they are not thought to have ever have crossed paths.

Judging by the dates, Oleg and Ivar lived during entirely different lifetimes.

Ivar’s death is recorded as 870 by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicler Æthelweard and The Annals of Ulster describes his death as 873.

On the other hand, Prince Oleg is believed to have ruled the Kievan Rus’ from 879 until his death in 912.

Additionally, the real Ivar did not venture to the Kievan Rus and focuses his raids on Anglo-Saxon England.

If show creator Michael Hirst decides to stick to the history books, Ivar will not rule over the Rus’ people.

Fans will just have to wait and see what Ivar’s next move will be in Vikings season six, part two.

Vikings season 6, part 2 will premiere Wednesday, December 30 on Amazon Prime Video

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