Wayne Lineker shares new advert for 'wifey' and jokes 'any woman with a pulse suits'

WAYNE Lineker has shared a new advert for a wife after going viral with his first one last year.

The 59-year-old poked fun at himself with a different list of requirements this time round and they look set to amuse his fans just as much – thanks to requests such as ‘own teeth’ and ‘any woman with a pulse’.

The club owner even says he doesn’t mind if the woman sleeps with Boris Johnson – but only if it means revellers get the green light to go to Ibiza.

In fact, his whole advert jokes about his lack of money after seeing his clubs closed for many months, something which he has been passionately fighting to reopen for some time.

He asks for a woman with a good pension, states she can’t give up her job and admits ‘he needs money’ so an OnlyFans account is fine. 

Wayne has been unable to open Ocean Beach in Ibiza due to travel restrictions set in place during the pandemic.

His tongue and cheek ad touches on the fact his relevance could be waning and he can’t guarantee them any perks of being with a celebrity.

Last year, Wayne came under fire for his advert in which he stated he didn’t want to date a woman his own age and that he needed someone who could cook – both of which he has now backtracked on.

Wayne’s new advert looking for love

You must like older men but only me apart from maybe @borisjohnson as I’m cool with you sleeping with him if it means a green light for Ibiza ..

But I’m now OK with women my age as long as they have a strong pension scheme In place..

You must like to travel with Ryan air or Easyjet and be grateful for speedy boarding and stay in 3 or 4 star hotels that we get for nothing cuz I got followers on the gram

You’re not allowed to give up your job as we need to share the mortgage ..

You will need to spend the summer in ibiza and the winter in Butlins .

Baggage is fine but grown up as school fees are an issue ..

You must be able to cook but ready made meals from Waitrose bargains baskets ..

Won’t be able to make you verified so forget that ..may lose my tick soon ..

You must like Watching sky News for green light updates no chick flicks watch them with your mates..

You must be able to stand in the freezing cold queue to get in a nightclub in January. While people all around you go OMG remember him..

You will need a driving license to be able to drive someone else’s car now and again

I don’t care if you have shared a teeth whitening post as long as your teeth are not dentures ..

I don’t care if you’re on only fans. We need the money ..

It’s ok if you don’t go gym greasy food cool and bloated belly good.

Accept and love my children and realise no more than 4 more kids for me. Would help tbh as need to work the government benefits ..you must let my PA @davehodges take another job as we can’t afford that shit … one more thing. Your geography does not matter as it’s unlikely we will be travelling for a while ..any woman with a pulse suits #wifeywhereyouat (sic)

He hit back at the time saying: “Thing is here is that I ain't sorry it was a funny post and I’m proud of it. Was just banter #theend #iaintsorry #love."

Since then he went on to appear on Celebs Go Dating and struck up a close relationship with Chloe Ferry.

The pair teased for some time they were dating and even engaged at one point – before Chloe moved on.

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