Wendy Williams slams plastic surgeons for creating ‘fake’ Kardashian bodies- but admits she’s had work done – The Sun

WENDY Williams slammed plastic surgeons for creating "fake" Kardashian bodies.

However, the daytime talk show host did admit she's had work done as well.

Wendy's remarks follow actress LisaRaye McCoy saying on FOX Soul Live the Kardashians have negatively influenced on beauty standards.

LisaRaye said: “Now it’s a small waist, and all this a**, which look like the ankles can’t even hold up all of that.

“I don’t even want my body to look like that because that’s the body everybody has right now."

She went on: “Every generation after that feels like that’s what they have to do to secure the bag.”

But Wendy argued it's not the Kardashians to blame, but rather plastic surgeons for creating fake physical ideals.

She said: "The surgeons are upping their game. Twenty years ago we didn't know what a booty implant was. Ten years ago we didn't know what fat transfer was. Five years ago we didn't know what a vampire blood facial was."

Wendy added: "These are the doctors…getting really smart, and people like families that can afford it getting it done and getting the full process."

However, Wendy understood LisaRaye's sentiment arguing: "She's [Lisa] a natural.

"In the faketry of everything going on out here, there are some women born with a natural heart beauty and good, pendulous breasts."

She went on: "So I don't blame Lisa Raye McCoy one bit. I'd be pissed too."

The host added she wasn't born with the "perfect" body and she still doesn't have one now.

She said: "But I etched stuff out. Thank god for technology…"

Earlier this year, Wendy blasted Kim Kardashian's appearance: "Speaking of faketry, oh come one you know Kim is not natural.

"If I'm telling you I'm not natural, give me a break. But you have to do it tastefully, like me and Kim, allegedly."

Wendy also recently appeared on the Dr. Oz show talking about elective surgeries being put on hold due to the coronavirus.

She said laughing: "I was just playing with you. It's just that, as a surgery girl, when you save your money and you've been planning for years.

Wendy went on: "And then you have your appointment and all of a sudden the corona pops up, and I got to deal with these saggy boobs.

"For how much longer before I get them pulled back up?”

Dr. Oz replied: “We're talking about probably a couple of months. I am hopeful that we're eight weeks away from being through the worst of this.”

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