What to Watch This Weekend: Our Top Binge Picks for April 25-26

Cue the Justin Timberlake meme because April is almost over and we all know what that means.

What better way to spend the last weekend of the month than by staying indoors and binge-watching your Saturday and Sunday away, especially when the offerings across all the streaming services are so good right now.

Not only are there two concert films for you to check out this weekend, one from The Jonas Brothers and the other from The Beastie Boys, but there’s also a new action movie and a gripping legal drama from two Avengers superheroes who might share the same first name.

Plus, we’re recommending a longrunning drama that you should finally consider investing your time in before it returns with new season next week and our reality TV obsession that will have you grabbing the nearest bottle of rosé and pretending you are in the Hamptons.

Without further ado, here are out top binge recommendations for this weekend, April 25-26…

If You’re Still Bummed Over Having to Cancel Your Girls’ Trip to Vegas to See the Jonas Brothers: Same, babe. Same. But Kevin, Joe and Nick have gifted their fans with a gift this weekend, releasing Happiness Continues. The live concert experience gives a backstage pass to the Jonas Brothers’ sold-out 2019 tour as well as a peek into their lives on the road.

But we’d also recommend watching their unfiltered 2019 documentary Chasing Happiness, which featured the guys holding nothing back when it came to the band’s breakup, getting back together and the brotherly drama that went down in between. We went to the year 3000 and still found happiness from this one-two punch of Jonai content. (Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video )

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If You Need a Hemsworth Fix: Hey, we’ve all been there, it’s OK. This is a safe space. Chris Hemsworth has reteamed with the Avengers‘ directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo for his latest movie, which could actually serve as a good date night movie. Why? Because you get to look at Chris Hemsworth as a black ops mercenary. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

If You’ve Seen Every Single Episode of Law & Order: SVU Multiple Times: All stand for the new Chris Evans‘ show Defending Jacob, which finds the artist formerly known as Captain America playing an assistant ADA whose life starts falling apart when his son is accused of committing the murder he was investigating.

While only the first episode is available now, we recommend it to get your feet wet and enjoying this slow burn of a mystery, which will have you guessing until the very end about whether or not the son did it. Oh, and to answer your follow-up: Yes, Evans is sporting a beard and we applaud the filmmaker’s gutsy decision! (Where to Watch: Apple TV Plus)

If You Wanna Fight For Your Right to Party: Settle in for a night of music and memories with The Beastie Boys Story, a new concert film from director Spike Jonze that hits you right in your nostalgia bone.

With Adam “MCA” Yauch passing away in 2012 due to cancer, the surviving two members Adam “Ad Rock” Horovitz and Mike “Mike D” Diamond returned to the stage in April 2019, with Jonze tagging along and we’re so glad he did for this intimate and poignant look at one of music’s most iconic bands growing up. (Where to Watch: Apple TV Plus)

If You Need Something New to Entertain Kids: Released just two days ago, The Willoughbhys is already No. 1 on Netflix’s Top 10 list proving screen time limitations are far, far from the window at this point. The animated film features the vocal talents of Will Forte, Maya Rudolph and Ricky Gervais, so something tells us there’s going to be more than one joke that goes over children’s heads that adults can enjoy. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

If You Are Looking For the Next Curb Your Enthusiasm: Already in the Top 10 on Netflix, blackish and grownish creator Kenya Barris makes the jump inf front of the camera for his latest series #blackAF. Jampacked with guest stars, including Tyler Perry, Issa Rae, Lena Waithe, Ava Duvernay and more, the show finds Barris playing a fictionalized version of himself, with Rashida Jones as the on-screen stand-in for his real life wife and a group of young actors portraying his kids. Meta? Hell yes, but that’s what makes it all the more hilarious. (Where to Watch: Netflix)


If You Are Tired of Looking for Excuses: The time has come for you to give in and watch Billions. Just accept it and hit play on the Showtime drama, which returns for its fifth season on May 3, giving you enough time to catch up and finally see Damian Lewis as someone other than Brody on Homeland and Paul Giamatti as someone other than Marty Wolf from Big Fat Liar! (Where to Watch: Hulu)

If You Are Missing Football: Maybe you will find some hope in watching the 2020 NFL Draft rounds 4-7 on Saturday, which is being held remotely and comes after the first round has already shattering ratings records. (Where to Watch: ABC)

If You Are Looking For Some Summer Fun: While summer is still a few months away, the share house summer antics are winding down on Summer House, which has quietly become one of our favorite Bravo offerings becoming the east coast cousin of Vanderpump Rules that feels like a breath of fresh. Think bougie on a budget with a lot of frat-boy energy that somehow comes off as endearing?

Season four is the gang’s best summer yet and we highly recommend pairing it with a bottle of rose for this weekend for an easy, breezy way to waste the day. (Where to Watch: Right here)

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