What You Need to Know About Too Hot to Handle (Like Who Wins!)

So, you’re seeing everyone talk about Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle and don’t have the bandwidth (or desire) to check it out? It’s cool. There’s a lot of TV out there for you to watch! Or books, if that’s your thing. If you’re not watching, but are remotely curious about the whole thing. We’re here for you.

Warning, spoilers follow!

Too Hot to Handle takes a bunch of sexy singles (are there any other kind of singles on reality dating shows?) from around the world and puts them in an exotic locale where they’re encouraged to wear swimsuits and show off their toned bods.

It’s a lot like Love Island, but there’s a twist. Because of course there’s a twist. Every reality show needs a twist now.

While they can see each other and aren’t sequestered in pods and forced to talk to walls like Love Is Blind, and it looks a shocking amount like Love IslandToo Hot to Handle tasks its crop of sexy singles with not touching each other.

Yes, for the chance to take home $100,000, the Too Hot to Handle contestants cannot touch each other in sexual manner. Kissing? Costs money ($3,000 to be exact). Oral sex? Costs money. Intercourse? Costs a lot of money ($20,000). The contestants have to compete in physical challenges, tempting them along the way. But the A.I. host (yep, she’s a cone or something) Lana tells the contestants they are supposed to be forming meaningful relationships without the physical aspect. Can these people keep the hands to themselves and get to know their potential mates or will they give in to temptation?

After a number of folks can’t keep their hands to themselves and lose money—a couple, Harry and Francesca, wins a chunk back by not having sex with each other. With $75,000 in the prize pool, Lana, the host robot thing, decides the 10 remaining contestants get to split the prize. Yep, each person left just got $7,500.

All episodes of season one of Too Hot to Handle are now streaming on Netflix.

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