When is episode 4 of Little Voice coming out?

Little Voice is a coming-of-age comedy drama series, conceived by the director of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, JJ Abrams.

The musical series has hit Apple TV+, and many viewers have already burnt through the first three episodes.

What is Little Voice about?

The show is described as "a love letter to the diverse musicality of New York and explores the universal journey of finding your authentic voice in your early 20s."

The series is produced by the team behind Broadway musical Waitress, Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson. It will feature original music Bareilles.

It tells the story of performer Bess King (O'Grady) who is struggling to achieve success in her career. At the same time, she must navigate rejection, love and family.

When is episode 4 coming out?

The first three episodes of Little Voice premiered on July 10 on Apple TV+.

New episodes are airing every Friday on the platform.

Episode four, titled 'Love hurts' will drop on July 17.

How many episodes of Little Voice are there?

The first season consists of ten episodes.

Each episode is half an hour long.

Who is in the cast of Little Voice?

Brittany O'Grady

O'Grady is best known for her roles as Simone Davis in Star and Black Christmas.

After the show aired, she posted on her Instagram "Thank you guys so much for tuning into @littlevoice and supporting this beautiful show.

"We put so much genuine heart into it and couldn’t be more grateful. "

Sean Teale

Sean Teale may be recognisable to viewers as Prince Condé in Reign and Nick Levan in Skins.

The British actor recently co-starred in the new Fox sci-fi/drama series The Gifted.

In Little Voice,  he plays Ethan, an English-born aspiring film director who moves to New York, meets Bess, and falls for her.

Colton Ryan

Colton Ryan is an actor known for his roles in The Americans and Homeland.

He said about the show: "Seeing someone go through very relatable difficulty and struggle, and then transform into something that's completely new and full of hope, is really inspiring.

"You can take a mess and make it into something utterly new, and it can be terrifying, but also quite liberating."

Shalini Bathina

Shalini Bathina is known for her roles in The Butter Knife, Initiation (II) and Goodbye Blue Sky.

She posted on her Instagram: "This show was made with a tremendous amount of love and kindness, by the incomparable Jessie Nelson and Sara Bareilles, with a STELLAR cast and crew.

"I hope it provides some sense of comfort and joy to you all.!

Phillip Johnson Richardson

Phillip Johnson Richardson is an actor and musician. He has had a role in Haunt.

When the first episodes aired, Phillip posted "@brittanyogrady is a queen and I know her back hurt from carrying us all

"Can’t wait for the world to see the heart of this show."

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