Who are Beat The Chasers' biggest ever winners?

BEAT The Chasers is back for another run – and viewers are delighted to see it back on their screens.

Here, we take a look at the biggest ever wins on the general knowledge challenge…

Who are Beat The Chasers' biggest ever winners?

Shaun Williamson

EastEnders star Shaun Williamson absolutely astounded Beat The Chasers viewers when he walked away with a whopping £120,000.

Williamson astounded the audience when he decided to take on all five Chasers for a whopping £120,000.

Despite tough competition, he went ahead and won the cash with 15 seconds to spare.

However, as the show was a celebrity edition, Shaun had to hand over his winnings for charity – but we think that makes him an even more worthy winner!

Jean Banford £100,000

Jean Banford, a retired teacher from Chester made the gutsy decision to take on all five chasers – and it paid off, as she won £100,000

In a nail-biting episode, Jean managed to beat them with just one second left on the clock.

Jean revealed she was planning to spend the money on holidays.

Jean was a massive fan of the show before she even competed.

She said: “I watch it all the time and I was chuffed to bits to meet Bradley Walsh, he was exactly as I thought he would be, really lovely with a bit of banter,”

“The Chaser I really wanted to beat was The Beast. When I watch the show and he comes out I always think the contestants are doomed!

Susie Smith

Susie Smith from Liverpool told the chasers we wanted "to go big or go home" – and that's what she did.

The avid quizzer got three questions correct in her cash builder before winning a whopping £60,000 with 10 seconds still under her belt.

Despite taking on all the chasers, Susie revealed her favourite Chaser was Jenny 'the Vixen' Ryan.

She said: "My favourite is The Vixen. She’s a northern girl and northern girls are the best.

"But I like them all in their own way."

Kat Glennie-Soares

Kat Glennie-Soares became the first contestant to actually Beat the Chasers, winning £50,000.

She started strong with 60 seconds on her clock compared to the Chasers' 40 and finished with an incredible 20 seconds to spare.

Kat said she didn't even look at the clocks – so was astonished to find out she had actually won!

The quizzer later revealed that she did no preparation ahead of the ITV show.

Michael Freebury

Michael Freebury from Wales managed to raise £2,000 during the cash builder before taking on four chasers.

With eight seconds spare, Michael walked away with £50,000.

The crowd was delighted when Michael revealed he was planning to buy his partner Nicola an engagement ring with his winnings.

“My partner’s been sending me pictures of gems that fit in a ring, so an engagement could be on the cards,” he said.

Sue Brooks £50,000

Retired civil servant Sue Brooks from Thanet, Kent landed a £50,000 cash prize after she won with three seconds left on the clock.

She later revealed that her decision to take on all five chasers hadn't been part of her plan.

"In a previous century I did a couple of TV quizzes with small success and I wanted to see if I could still do it," she said.

"I did have a strategy – I was always going to only face a maximum of three Chasers for £10,000 but I don’t know what happened to me on the day. I must have had a rush of blood to the brain as I found myself saying I’ll go against all five Chasers for £50,000."

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