Who is Joey Morrisson? Why was he in jail and is he still dating Lauren Goodger?

JOEY Morrisson was a convict who became well known for his relationship with Towie star Lauren Goodger back in 2017.

Stephen Morrisson – his brother – was found fatally wounded after a chase between two cars last night.

Why was Joey Morrisson in jail? When was he released?

Joey Morrisson and an accomplice, Marvin Russell Jacobs, were handed 16-year prison sentences for a string of violent drugs-related charges.

The pair, both 24 at the time of sentencing, were convicted of a string of offences, including possession of a firearm, kidnapping, blackmail and actual bodily harm.

Morrisson and Jacobs were caught after forensic examinations linked objects left at the scene to the pair.

When Morrisson was arrested, in September 2009, he was found in possession of £10,000 in cash and £60,000 worth of cocaine.

Morrisson was originally locked up Standford Hill in Kent, a category D open facility, in 2010.

He was later moved to HMP Highpoint South after being caught using a smuggled mobile phone.

Morrisson was released from jail on September 19, 2018.

Joey's brother Stephen – was found fatally wounded after a chase between two cars on June 23.

Reality star Lauren Goodger, 33, had spent time with Stephen at Christmas while she was dating Joey.

She even posted a video showing a giggling Steve with the caption "Stevoooo home Mr M" and an Emoji love heart after celebrating his prison release in 2017.

How did Joey Morrisson meet Lauren Goodger?

It's unclear how the pair first met, but Morrisson has ties to Essex and Lauren said that she had known him for "many years".

Love blossomed in 2016 and at Christmas Joey gifted Lauren with a ring while she spent the holidays with his family and friend – leading to speculation they might have been engaged.

During their time as a couple the Towie star and Joey were belived to have gone into business together.

Why did Joey Morrisson and Lauren Goodger split?

During their time together, Lauren made no secret of the fact that she would like to have a baby with him.

However, it all came to an end in July 2017.

Lauren confirmed she had broken up with Joey following a furious row inside HMP Highpoint South.


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