Why isnt Andrew Neil hosting GB News tonight? Absence explained

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Andrew Neil has been presenting GB News for just over two weeks now following the channel’s June 13 launch. The station has been marred with technical faults and controversy since its debut. The presenter announced he would be taking a break from helming the channel despite only being on air a matter of weeks.

Why isn’t Andrew Neil on tonight?

On June 25 Andrew Neil, 72, announced that he was taking a break from presenting the alternative news network.

Neil made the announcement at the end of his usual broadcast, announcing to viewers: “That’s it for tonight and from me for the next few weeks.”

The presenter has not revealed how long he will be away from the show, however, his comments suggest it will be for quite some time.

Colin Brazier will be taking over as lead host, leading the Tonight Live evening show.

Neil made it clear to viewers he wouldn’t be gone for good, however, saying that he would be back when “you least expect it”.

GB News has suffered from technical faults to brand boycotts and social media blackouts.

The host acknowledged some of the faults GB News has been dealing with during his closing statements on the show.

Neil noted: “Yes, we have had a bit of a rocky start with the launch of GB news.

“We’re a start-up, they’re always a bit rocky these start-ups but we are up and running as you can see, we get better every day and there’s clearly an appetite for what we’re doing.

“And in two short weeks, we’ve already built a loyal audience which has beaten all of our expectations, it’s often bigger than the other news channels and it’s growing.”

Despite its flaws, GB News debuted to immediate success on June 13, with viewing figures reaching 336,000.

This was putting it on the same level as Sky News and the BBC, however, this didn’t last long, as the ratings started to fall significantly in the second week.

The latest statistics came on June 24 from Victoria Derbyshire who revealed The Great British Breakfast Show on GB News was pulling in just 32,000 viewers.

For comparison, Good Morning Britain achieved 717,000 on the same date.

Neil’s evening monologue had a similarly low rating of just 31,000 which put it out of the top 10 for UK news broadcasts.

It was also revealed the Welsh language version of Paw Patrol had beaten GB News in viewing figures.

Neil’s evening broadcast takes place at 8pm on the channel, with Brazier carrying the torch for the station’s flagship show.

Fans were quick to voice their opinion on the matter, with many of them taking to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on GB News.

One fan said: “I’m loving it, but we really need actual bullet point news headlines on the hour at breakfast then one at lunchtime and one in the evening.”

They continued: “Just bullet headlines for a quick catch-up. Particularly important in the morning.” (sic)

Another fan added: “It’s literally all I watch!!! I Love GB NEWS.” (sic)

A third commented: “I fully admire anyone who sits themselves in front of a tv for hours on end and only watches GBN.”

GB News has officially launched

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