Will there be a Traces season 2?

TRACES will come to a dramatic conclusion tonight on BBC One (January 19, 2021).

But if like us you've already binged watched all six episodes on the iPlayer, you'll be wondering if there will be a season 2.

Will there be another season of Traces?

Traces was originally shown back in 2019 on cable network Alibi, who own the rights to the show.

The network has revealed that they have renewed the drama for a second series which will be made up of six episodes.

There is no release date as of yet, but it is expected to premiere sometime in 2021.

However, it has not been confirmed if the second series will be on the BBC.

What could happen in the next series of Traces?

Albi has revealed the following will happen: "Audiences will be reunited with the forensic team as they work to uncover the criminal responsible for a string of bombings in Dundee.

"Tensions in the city mount as people begin to anticipate when and where the next bombing will take place."

News of the cast is yet to be revealed but will no doubt include leading lady  Molly Windsor and Line Of Duty's Martin Compston.

How did season 1 of Traces end?

WARNING: Contains major spoilers from Traces season 1.

It was finally revealed in the season finale who killed Emma's mum Marie.

Everyone was left shocked as the team found out it was Daniel's dad Phil MacAfee who was the murderer.

They had known each other when they were younger and he was seeing Marie's friend Izzy Alessi at the time, despite being married to Daniel's mother.

When they bumped into each other, Marie told Phil off for messing her friend around.

Phil didn't take this well and ended up murdering Marie.

But thanks to Emma's digging, a crucial piece of evidence was found linking him to the crime as evidence of both of their DNA was found on a boot dug up near here body.

The series ended with Emma being reunited with Daniel at her mum's funeral and the pair getting back together.

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