Will Trent Recreates the Scene of Angie's Abduction — and Betty's Role in It?! Watch a Finale Sneak Peek

Will Trent‘s freshman finale (airing Tuesday on ABC) opens with the titular sleuth recreating Angie’s abduction, leading to a heartbreaking reveal about how Betty the Chihuahua figured into the harrowing ordeal.

When last we tuned in, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Will (played Ramón Rodríguez) and APD detective Angie (Erika Christensen) were delving into a series of murders/attacks aimed at those who grew up in the same orphanage as them. At the end of that episode, Will — already reeling from what Amanda (Imani Kahim) had just shared with him about his mother’s identity — came home to find his and Angie’s place in disarray, Betty (Bluebell) cowering in a hamper, and a photo on the floor of Angie with her eyes scratched out, as was the case with previous victims.

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Will sets out to piece together what exactly had transpired, leading to Angie’s disappearance. Press play above to see what he learns.

In the recently renewed Will Trent‘s Season 1 finale, titled “A Bad Temper and a Hard Heart,” “When an APD agent (Angie) goes missing, Will examines the crime scene and locates a secret message putting him back on the path to justice. Meanwhile, with his lineage in question, Will realizes the answers he seeks have been in front of him all along.”

Erika Christensen recently told TVLine that last week’s episode coupled with this Tuesday’s finale “are one storyline that is really personal and scary for Will and Angie,” and that as the season winds down to a close, “There are tons of ‘OMG!’ moments, but you get some resolution, too.”

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