Wont take on Russia! Eamonn Holmes blasts famously slow EU over Ukraines bid to join

Ukraine: Eamonn Holmes questions support from EU

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GB News Breakfast presenters Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster skewered the European Union on Wednesday as the pair discussed Ukraine’s bid to join the EU. President Volodymr Zelenskyy’s plea to EU received a standing ovation but Eamonn questioned whether the union would “fight Russia”.

Isabel said: “President Zelenskyy has been giving an update on the situation.”

She added: “Russia cannot win Ukraine with bombs and strikes and rockets and he calls for support for Ukraine’s EU bid.

“He says, ‘There is no time to stay neutral,’ those are the breaking lines from President Zelenskyy in the last few moments.”

“But it’s not going to happen is it?” Eamonn questioned. “The European Union is not going to say, ‘Come onboard with us, you’re our responsibility now and we’re going to fight Russia.’”

“Well it’s already precedented in terms of there being unanimous support for it,” Isabel continued. 

“But it’s famously slow that’s what the EU has always been criticised for being famously slow, ” Eamonn replied.

“In this time of crisis whether or not they’ll be able to change is the big question.”

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