Yellowstone season 5 theory sees Carter in new family feud

Yellowstone: Trailer for season 5 of US drama

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Yellowstone season five is coming to The Paramount Network on November 13 and it will welcome back Finn Little as Carter. The actor has been through a huge transformation and has been sharing his new look with his fans on social media. The young ranch hand is set to find a new love interest in the upcoming season, but it could spell trouble.

Yellowstone fans are keen to find out whether Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly) will ever accept Carter as her son.

In the previous season, she scolded him for calling her “momma”, saying she would never be his mother.

Desperate to fit in and find his place on the ranch, Carter was heartbroken but he eventually got used to Beth’s quirks.

In photos featured on Finn’s Instagram page, he appears to be fitting in well as potential cowboy material in season five.

However, his life could be turned upside down by newcomer Halie (Orli Gottesman), a confident and outgoing character.

Described as being fun, Halie will find herself gravitating towards Carter.

Entertainment Weekly described the character, saying: “In season five, Halie becomes that person who gives Carter the chance to come out of his shell and to teach him not only about himself, but he finds himself always wanting Halie to be around.

“Halie comes along and now there is someone who can fit that mould and be there for him.”

Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) is expected to take on a more fatherly role in season five, with the Rip star revealing a relationship is blossoming between them both.

However, a distraction for Carter may not sit right with Beth, who cannot help but feel protective of him.

She may worry Halie will pull Carter away from the straight and narrow and undo any progress she had made with him.

Knowing someone else has stolen his heart, there may even be a tinge of jealousy from Beth.

She and Rip may fall out over whether Carter is ready for a girlfriend, leaving Carter stuck in the middle.

Beth actress Kelly said she got a lot of backlash from fans after her character refused to accept Carter as her son.

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She told TV Line: “America went after me for that. I was like, ‘That’s the character, not me!’

“But I get it. I wish she would [let herself be a mother to him], too.”

There is a chance if Beth starts to refer to Carter as her son, she will develop an even stronger protective instinct.

Not wanting the young boy to get hurt, she may be a little sceptical of Halie’s intentions to begin with.

Carter actor Finn has been sharing plenty of behind-the-scenes snaps from his time on the season five set.

Promoting the two-hour premiere, he told his viewers how they could watch the explosive new season from all over the world.

Fan britscattercreekcom said: “Can’t wait to see how they explain your physical transformation!”

Meanwhile, andraabernathy21 added: “Look at you Cowboy!! Love it.”

Teresa_no.h added: “I spy Carter turning into a real cowboy.”

Yellowstone season 5 airs on The Paramount Network on November 13.

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