Yet another Emmerdale death 'sealed' in sad twist

A social event at the Hide in upcoming Emmerdale episodes leaves one character fighting for life as a careless mistake has massive repercussions.

Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) has set up a tasting event at the establishment, hoping to showcase her catering skills and the new menu. This comes amid uncertain times for the Hide and the business that it’s part of, HOP. It’s currently owned by Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) but she’s recently announced a plan to sell up and move abroad.

Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) turns up to support the event and decides to sample a delicious-looking slider. Jacob has a serious nut allergy so he checks with Victoria that the snack doesn’t contain nuts. She assures him it doesn’t, but that’s not the case.

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After Jacob has taken a bite he quickly develops a severe allergic reaction and is soon close to collapse. The trainee doctor manages to indicate that he needs an Auto Adrenaline Injector urgently and that there’s one in his car.

While Victoria rushes to the car to get the vital medication, a desperate Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) can only watch as her son’s allergic reaction worsens and he becomes weaker. The situation gets even more desperate when Victoria can’t find the injector pen.

Meanwhile David (Matthew Wolfenden) has heard what has happened and hurries to the hospital where Jacob has been taken. Everyone is furious at Victoria’s mistake and Leyla in particular is soon out for revenge and threatening to ruin her business.

Victoria tells Gabby it was a genuine mistake but it was her fault. Her confession is overheard by potential buyers for HOP, who decide not to proceed with the purchase while there could be potential lawsuits hanging over the place. In fury, Gabby sacks Victoria on the spot.

It’s clearly a devastating mistake for Victoria, but what of Jacob? Will he pull through, or is Joe-Warren Plant another name we can add to the list of people who will soon be leaving Emmerdale in a period where there are numerous exits that have either just happened or are planned?

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