Your mates are gonna enjoy that one Ben Shephard mocks Tipping Point player over blunder

Tipping Point contestant gets measurement question wrong

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The latest episode of Tipping Point saw contestants John and Martin go head-to-head before a tense final round. However, the ITV game show got off to a shaky start as Ben Shephard was stunned by an embarrassing miscalculation in the first part of the episode.

Contestant Martin made a schoolboy error when he answered a question on measurements with lightning-fast speed.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t paid close enough attention to what Ben had said and made a woeful error in the critical early stage of the game.

Ben asked: “How many millimetres are there in 10 centimetres?”

Martin buzzed in almost immediately with an answer, but his speed may have been his downfall.

He guessed 10 millimetres were in 10 centimetres, causing Ben to look puzzled for a few moments.

He eventually corrected Martin: “There are 100 millimetres in 10 centimetres.”

Martin couldn’t help but laugh as he realised his mistake.

The player exclaimed: “Oh, you said 10 centimetres!”

Ben replied shortly: “Yeah. Martin, I’m afraid you’re wrong.”

Martin chuckled embarrassedly and sighed: “Oh my gosh!”

The Tipping Point host was clearly sympathetic with his mistake and laughed appreciatively along with the contestant.

“I’m afraid we have to steal a counter from you,” he informed him.

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However, Ben couldn’t resist a cheeky dig at the player, mocking: “Your mates are going to enjoy that one, Martin.”

Martin kept laughing as he conceded his mistake.

“I know, yeah,” he admitted. “Definitely not telling them I’m on TV now.”

The contestant was left with just one counter for the rest of the round.

Thankfully, he was able to use it wisely and made it into the next stage of the game.

However, it was his opponent John who eventually beat the machine and made it into the final part of the episode.

Although he wasn’t able to win the cash jackpot, John didn’t go home empty-handed and will soon be enjoying his mystery prize of a bottomless brunch.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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