BLM protesters chase out diners & smash up restaurants in Rochester during demonstration over death of Daniel Prude

A LARGE group of anti-racism protesters caused diners to flee when they surrounded a restaurant in Rochester during a demonstration against the killing of Daniel Prude.

More than 1,000 Black Lives Matter protesters gathered where Prude, a black man, died of asphyxiation after he was detained by police in New York for running through the streets naked on March 23.

In footage taken by FreedomNews TV, diners looked terrified as protesters smashed the customer's glasses in front of their faces, broke plates, overturned chairs, and chanted at them to leave the eatery.

"We're shutting your party down," one woman is seen shouting in the face of a diner.

"No need to run," a protester told one woman whose clothing got tangled as she tried to run from the crowd.

"If you don't give us our s**t, we shut s**t down," the crowd chants.

Eleven people were arrested and three cops were injured as Rochester entered its third night of protests over Prude's death.

The protests were sparked by details about how Prude died.

More than 2,000 people gathered at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in the city on Friday night.

Joe Prude, Daniel's brother, addressed the crowd, and almost broke down in tears.

"This is an unstoppable moment right now. It's time to get rid of them sons of b*****s," he said.

Three people were charged with rioting, while three officers had to be taken to hospital.

The cops were hit by fireworks and rocks during the demonstrations, while members of the crowd also set fire to garbage cans and bus shelters.

Protesters stopped traffic as they moved through the city, before flipping over tables, breaking plates and chanting at diners at some restaurants.

"We're shutting your party down. If you don't give us our s**t, we shut s**t down," the crowd chanted.

Cops met the group dressed in riot gear, and some were hit with water bottles thrown by protesters.

Police fired pepper balls and sprayed tear gas in response while ordering the protesters to leave the area.

Prude, who was suffering from acute mental health issues, was arrested walking naked and bleeding down Jefferson Avenue shortly after 3am.

This led to an 11-minute confrontation.

Prude died in hospital after being taken off life support seven days later but details of the incident have only just emerged, leading to widespread civil unrest in the city.

The New York state Attorney General’s is probing the incident and Gov Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order in July to investigate it.

Prude's death was ruled a homicide caused by complications with asphyxiation "in the setting of physical restraint" by the medical examiner.

Excited delirium and acute intoxication by phencyclidine, or PCP, were also listed as contributing factors, CBS Chicago reported.

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