Builder gets metal rod stuck up his BUM after slipping off roof during storm – The Sun

A BUILDER has been impaled by a metal rod that went up his backside after slipping off a roof during a storm.

The 19-year-old labourer was working on a building site in Bangkok, Thailand when he fell onto the steel pole.

Teerawat Choeyku was working to repair the roof of the building when strong winds hit on June 7.

He mistakenly stepped onto old roof tiles amid the chaos – and they broke.

He then plunged onto the ground below and landed on a 5ft long metal rod, which went straight up his backside.

Eye-watering pictures show how the metal penetrated his body before emerging in his lower back.

The steel pole that inserted into his rectum can be seen pressing against the skin in Teerawat's lumber region.

Shocked colleagues at the construction site called emergency services who arrived to find Teerawat in agony as he lay on the ground.

Firemen cut off about 1.9ft of the stick protruding from his bottom on site.

They were then able to transport him to a nearby hospital.

Teerawat's friend, Apichai, said: "He was fixing the broken roof that was hit by the heavy storm from the last few weeks.”

“He stepped onto the old roof tiles. They cracked and he fell down."

Teerawat is being treated in hospital and is in a stable condition, expected to make a full recovery.

Rescue worker Jakchai Banyensakul from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation said Teerawat was lucky to survive.

Jakchai said: ''The young man is lucky to to have survived this as the pole could have caused much worse damage.”

He added his wounds will be “sore for several weeks” but he will recover.

Jakchai said safety at work is especially important on construction sites when there is wet and windy weather, and he hopes people hear Teerawat’s story and are reminded to be careful.

Teerawat’s unfortunate slip is the latest in a string of incidents that have seen construction workers suffer similar injuries.

In November last year, a builder in China was impaled by a metal rod that went up his backside and narrowly missed his heart after falling from a construction platform.

The unnamed 22-year-old was working on a building site in the city of Huzhou in eastern China when he fell almost 13 feet onto the rebar.

He fell unconscious and was rushed to the nearby Zhejiang University No 2 Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery.

Doctors said the bar went through several internal organs, with a 3-D x-ray of the man showing the path it travelled after entering his body.

The tip of the bar stopped just three centimetres short of the man's heart.

The emergency procedure required several doctors, including specialists in the liver and intestine responsible for removing the bar from each organ.

The bar was finally removed at around 3am on the day following the accident.

In April last year, a 46-year-old man on a site in the northeastern city of Jinan fell 16 feet onto a bar that entered his backside and came out the side of his head.

And in 2018. another 46-year-old working in the Liaoning Province fell onto a bar that went in through the back of his neck and came out through his mouth.


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