China mocks US handling of coronavirus crisis with Lego cartoon called ‘One Upon a Virus’ – The Sun

CHINA have released a cartoon mocking the US for criticizing the country's handling of coronavirus.

In the clip, released by state news agency Xinhua, a terracotta warrior lectures the Statue of Liberty for "contradicting" herself.

The clip, dubbed Once Upon a Virus, begins with a Lego figure of one of China's famous terracotta warriors speaking to the World Health Organisation.

The WHO- represented by their logo – is told about a new strain of pneumonia, it says "noted" and floats off screen.

He then tells the Statue of Liberty who says: "So what, it's just a flu?"

The warrior then lists China's grim milestones, from locking down to building mass hospitals in just ten days.

But the Statue of Liberty figure seems unimpressed, calling them show-offs, barbaric and backward.

The cartoon flips through different months, and by the time it hits March the terracotta warrior reports: "Our numbers are now dropping".

But Lady Libery replies: "Impossible! Look at Italy."

She then goes on to say: "You lied to us, you gave false data."

She continues: "The virus in not dangerous, even though millions of Chinese are dead, even though the virus is not dangerous…even though we contradict ourselves."

The warrior aks: "Are you listening to youselves?" as the statue's face turns bright red and she's hooked up to a drip.

She replies: ""We are always correct, even though we contradict ourselves."

"That's what I love about you Americans, your consistency," says the warrior.

It comes amid boiling tensions between the US and China.

President Donald Trump has launched a verbal attack on the country in recent weeks, accusing them of lying and falsifying data – as well as failing to warn the rest of the world of the dangers of coronavirus.

He also blasted the World Health Organization as a “pipe organ for China” as he revealed the US would not extend social distancing guidelines at the end of April.

“We knew things [WHO] didn’t know,” he told reporters. “Either they didn’t know or they didn’t tell us,” he said. “They’re literally a pipe organ for China.”

“We’ve give $500 million … over many years and China is giving $38 million – yet [WHO] seem to work for China?”

“They should have been in early and known what was going on,” the president concluded.

But Vice Foreign Minister of China Le Yucheng refuted Trump’s criticism, telling NBC the US president “wasted weeks” before responding to the crisis, which emerged in Wuhan.

“On Jan. 23 when Wuhan went under lockdown, the United States reported only one confirmed case, but on March 13 when President Trump announced a national emergency, the United States reported over 1,600 confirmed cases,” Le said.

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