Cops trying to locate YouTuber Myka Stauffer’s ‘rehomed’ autistic adopted son, 4, after she deletes ALL pics of him – The Sun

DISGRACED Youtuber Myka Stauffer who 'rehomed' her adopted autistic son is being investigated by authorities who are trying to locate the four-year-old boy.

The influencer who adopted Huxley from China in 2017, has also deleted all photos of him from her Instagram account.

Myka, 32 and her husband James, 34 posted a tearful video on Youtube last week, saying that they had decided to "rehome" Huxley, who they adopted in 2017.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office in Ohio is trying to locate little Huxley to ensure that he is safe.

Tracy Whited, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office, told BuzzFeed News that the office is working with 'several other agencies' to find the child who was "given to another family".

"We're very aware of this case," Whited said.

"We are investigating, but it is an active case, and as such, we cannot divulge too much information just yet."

The shock admission from the couple resulted in furious backlash online and has cost Myka her partnership with Kate Hudson's sportswear brand Fableticis and Barbie Manufacturer Mattel.

Horrified by the couple's decision, other lifestyle brands also pulled out of partnerships.

The video titled “An update to our family” that has caused outrage  – and even made left some viewers distraught, according to their comments.

The couple, sitting on a bed and clutching hands, tell the camera: "It's the hardest video James and I have ever had to make."

We're very aware of this case, we are investigating.

James adds: "I can't say enough how hard Myka has tried throughout this entire journey, and the amount of effort she has put into this.

"And helping Huxley as much as she can.

"You guys have been part of his adoption journey, even before we picked up Huxley.

"With international adoption sometimes there's unknowns and things that are not transparent on files and things.

"Once Huxley came home, there were a lot more special needs that we weren't aware of, and we were not told.

"So over the past few years Huxley's been in numerous therapies to try and help with all his needs."

Both of them dissolve into tears in front of the camera, with Myka adding: "There's not an ounce of our body that doesn't want Huxley with all our being.

"There wasn't a minute we didn't try our hardest.

"After multiple assessments, numerous professionals felt he needed a different fit."

She said she was "grieving", adding, "do I feel like a failure as a mom? Like, 500 per cent."

"It's not about me at all. But it's just that this journey has been the hardest thing I can ever imagine going through.

Once Huxley came home, there were a lot more special needs that we weren't aware of, and we were not told.

"After pouring our guts and hearts into this little boy," Myka says.

Myka, who has four biological children: Radley, Onyx, Kova and Jaka, has previously shared that the toddler has autism and brain damage.

The couple cited medical privacy concerns for not explaining in detail why they decided to give Huxley up.

Myka explained how Huxley had been rehomed: "The medical professionals have been allowing Huxley to spend some time with different people, to see and to make the perfect match and his fit for his now, new forever family.

"From the updates we've gotten from the agency, and through the adoption agency, they were able to place him, and what they felt was literally the perfect match.

One horrified person tweeted: "MykaStauffer adopted an autistic child from China and after years of having him, she gave him up for adoption because he had 'bad behaviour' after using him for $$$ on her YouTube channel."

Another said: "She adopted a child for views, and then got rid of him, and treated him like a brand deal."

On Myka's YouTube channel, one person commented under the rehoming video: "Wow I'm speechless."

And one posted: "That poor little guy. Very upsetting to watch!"

Attorneys Thomas Taneff and Taylor Sayers, who represent the Stauffers told Buzzfeed that the parents had hand-picked a "family who is equipped to handle Huxley's needs."

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