Coronavirus stimulus money ‘arriving in plain envelopes with prepaid debit card inside,’ IRS reminds Americans – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS stimulus checks are arriving in a new form, with some 4million people set to receive theirs as prepaid debit cards delivered inside plain white envelopes.

These plain envelopes will be from "Money Network Cardholder Services," according to a statement on Friday from the IRS.

The Economic Impact Payment Cards they contain will come preloaded with the same stimulus funds that have previously been distributed to some people in the form of a check or direct deposit.

The rollout of the prepaid cards as an alternative to paper checks was announced earlier this month in an effort to get some hard-hit Americans their coronavirus stimulus money more quickly.

The easy-to-miss envelopes containing the debit cards drew concern from some on social media, with people urging each other to check their discarded "junk" mail and make sure they didn't accidentally throw away the card loaded with their stimulus cash.

Others who did receive the cards thought that they were scams.

The IRS says that people will be able to identify the cards by their Visa logo, and by the name "MetaBank" on the back of the card.

Last week, the IRS stopped distributing stimulus checks via direct deposits.

Everyone who has yet to receive their money should expect it in the form of either a paper check or one of the new prepaid debit cards.

More information can be found at

People who do receive the prepaid cards can use transfer the funds into their bank accounts, or use them to make ATM withdrawals or purchases the same way they might use a regular debit card.

To activate the debit cards and set a PIN, call 1-800-240-8100.

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