Distressed dog found panting in parked car on hottest day of the year

‘Distressed’ dog is found panting in a parked car in 80F heat on the hottest day of the year after being left behind by its owner

  • Residents in Leicestershire discovered the dog that was left in a Mini Cooper
  • A window and the sunroof had been left slightly open to allow air into the car
  • There was enough room for a bowl of water to be lowered down for the dog 

Footage shows water being given to a distressed dog in Leicestershire which was discovered panting away in a parked car during the hottest day of the year. 

The dog was discovered in a Mini Cooper in Oakham, Rutland, yesterday after it’s owner left it in the car to endure temperatures of 80F with only one window and the sunroof being left slightly open.

Members of the public surrounded the car after the dog was discovered and lowered down a bowl of water through the window to try and cool the dog down.

A volunteer with Leicestershire and Rutland 4×4 response Nigel Pearson arrived at the car when a crowd had already formed around it.

A dog was discovered panting inside a Mini Cooper in Oakham, Rutland, Leicestershire, after being left by its owner on the hottest day of the year

He said: ‘There were quite a few people hanging around the car, so I went to see what was going on and we saw that there was a dog in the car.

‘The sunroof was open and there was a little gap in the window, but the dog was clearly distressed.’

‘There were people around with hammers ready to smash the window, but I told them not to.

‘I called an officer I knew, and they came down immediately to deal with the situation.’

Nigel said he was shocked that an owner could leave their dog alone in a car on such a hot day and that the open sunroof and window could have invited a thief to steal the dog.

A window and the sunroof were partially open offering a concerned citizen enough room to fit their arm inside the car

He said: ‘We’ve had so many problems recently with dogs being stolen.

‘It’s like leaving a £1,000 phone on the dashboard, thieves will take the dog and ransom you for it.

‘Just don’t leave your dog in the car.’

Nigel also thanked the people who helped the dog and who had already contacted the police. 

Leicestershire Police said that officers received a call at around 4.30pm yesterday to the report of a distressed dog in a car.

A bowl of water is lowered into the car to try and help cool the dog down while police are contacted

It is unknown what happened to the dog after being found but police have been asked for more information.

The Dogs Trust said that it takes less than 20 minutes for a dog left alone in a hot car to potentially die.

This happens if the dog’s body temperature rises above 105F which causes a loss of muscle control resulting in organ damage to their kidneys, brain and heart.

Clear signs of a dog in distress are excessive panting, whimpering and barking.

Pet owners are advised to leave their cars in the shade and leave windows open if they must leave a pet in the car.

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