Dramatic dash cam video shows moment drug dealers are caught by police

Moment two drug dealers are caught with 5kg of cocaine worth half a MILLION as they try to undertake a police car in £100,000 BMW after 100MPH chase

  • Simon Pagett, 39, and Dean Stone, 40, were jailed after high speed police chase 
  • Pair were in £100,000 BMW i8 when they undertook patrol car on M6 in Walsall
  • Dashcam footage shows the driver hitting 100mph as he weaved through traffic
  • Drug dealing duo found with £500,000 worth of cocaine as the pursuit ended

A drug dealing duo were caught with a rucksack full of cocaine worth £500,000 after they sped past a police car at 100mph in an expensive BMW on a motorway hard shoulder.

Dramatic dash cam footage shows driver Simon Pagett, 39, behind the wheel of a £100,000 BMW i8 and undertaking a patrol car on the M6 near junction 7 near Walsall, West Midlands.

A gobsmacked police officer is heard saying ‘Really?’ before setting off in pursuit of Pagett and his friend Dean Stone, who had 5kg of high-purity cocaine in their possession – worth an estimated half a million pounds.

Dash cam footage shows the expensive BMW (pictured) pretend to pull over, before accelerating away at more than 100mph on the M6

After their short-lived escape, in which Pagett dangerously weaved in and out of traffic and went three times the speed limit in a residential area, both he and his accomplice were stopped by police. 

The pair were sentenced to more than six years behind bars each at a Birmingham court. 

The video, released by West Midlands Police, shows the expensive motor pretend to pull over on the M6, before accelerating away at more than 100mph. 

Drug dealing duo Simon Pagett, 39, (left) and Dean Stone, 40, were caught on dashcam footage attempting to flee from a patrol car at 100mph 

The dramatic dash cam footage also shows Pagett jumping red lights and weaving in and out of traffic on the A34 heading towards Walsall, at one point hitting the central reservation. 

He even did a lap of Toby Carvery car park in a desperate bid to escape before veering off road in a residential 30mph area as he attempted to shake off the officer.

It was at this moment that Stone, 40, jumped from the car and ran off clutching a black Nike backpack. 

He was arrested trying to get into a nearby taxi, while the rucksack was recovered in nearby bushes.  

It was found to contain five 1kg slabs of high-purity cocaine with a value of around £500,000.

The rucksack – which contained five 1kg slabs of high-purity cocaine with a value of around £500,000 – was recovered in bushes

Five minutes later Pagett stopped the car and gave himself up to police.

He later claimed he earned £300,000 from dog breeding, cutting trees and running a vehicle recovery business.

Both men, of Walsall, admitted possessing drugs with intent to supply with Pagett also pleading guilty to dangerous driving.

Pagett was jailed for seven years and Stone sentenced to six years in prison at Birmingham Crown Court.

The high speed pursuit ended poorly for the drug dealers (above), who were both jailed at Birmingham Crown Court after admitting to the possession of drugs with intent to supply

Investigating Officer Detective Constable Mandy Dorrington, of West Midlands Police, said: ‘Pagett and Stone clearly thought they were above the law and far too important to waste time in a traffic queue – but unfortunately for them they undertook one of our patrol cars.

‘Pagett tried to try and shrug off the advanced police driver but after a few minutes realised it was a fruitless task and gave up.

‘He was driving a BMW i8 worth more than £100,000.

‘In interview he claimed the car and his lifestyle was funded through his dog breeding, cutting trees and vehicle recovery businesses which he suggested netted him £300,000.

‘We’ll be putting that claim to the test and examining his finances and any cash or assets he can’t demonstrate he’s accrued legally we’ll look to seize under the Proceeds of Crime Act.’

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