Eerie moment ‘ghost of cat who died one year earlier’ suddenly appears sitting on sofa when owner checks pet cam

A CAT lover claims she saw her dead cat’s ghost “curling up” on the sofa on the anniversary of when he passed away. 

“Chlochan” posted a video of her home surveillance to Reddit to get an answer for the unusual sighting.

On the forum, she explained how her cat, Blackjack, passed away exactly one year ago on May 24, the day she spotted his “ghost”.

In the footage, one of her two other cats jumps off a bed and walks out to the corridor to greet her as she arrives into her home. 

Nothing appears to be on the sofa to the left, but as soon as the lights turn on a faint shadow appears. 

The shadow stays light before becoming less transparent and a dark black.

It is then that the shadow moves slightly and curls up on a pile of cushions.

The woman explained on her post that there were only cream, red and grey cushions on the couch and that nothing black was there.

She also mentioned that the cat used to sleep on that sofa but not necessarily in the spot where the shadow was.

The pet-owner also ruled out the possibility that it was her other cat as she said they are mostly white with brown, ginger and black patches.

Towards the end of the video, the woman comes into the room and looks directly at the couch where the shadow is lying. 

When asked by another Reddit-user if she noticed anything when she entered the room she said: “Nope lol I was looking for my living cats lol but definitely didn’t notice anything when I looked around the room.”

The video has been upvoted more than 1,200 times and has attracted more than 170 comments. 

Other Reddit-users have been divided in their opinions about whether the shadow is real or not. 

Some believed the dead feline’s spirit paid her a visit on his anniversary while others thought it was a handbag.

One person said: "That IS your black cat who has passed, sitting on your couch. 

“People talk about people in the spirit form who have attachments to certain places, but our animals who have an attachment may also appear to us."

A second one agreed: "That's some pretty compelling evidence. 

“Definitely looks exactly like a black cat sitting there and you clearly didn't see him with your own eyes when you walked in the room.”








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