Every day of the Wagatha Christie trial as seen by fans

Popcorn at the ready! From Rebekah Vardy’s ‘Davy Jones’ confusion, Peter Andre’s ‘chipolata’ and those court sketches… every day of the Wagatha Christie trial as seen by fans – but are YOU #TeamVardy or #TeamRooney?

It is the multi-million pound High Court case that has captivated millions – and even split households over who they are supporting in the legal battle royale of the WAGs.

MailOnline readers on either #TeamVardy or #TeamRooney have called for the case to be televised – and joked today about bringing out the popcorn rather than doing a day’s work – while completely captivated by three days of Rebekah’s extraordinary evidence and Coleen’s debut in the witness box.

Others have obsessed over the rivals’ expensive outfits as they arrive at the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand and the often comical court sketches of Wayne Rooney, whose drawn likeness while sat next to his wife has been compared to Lenin, Wayne Lineker, Mike Tyson and even the humble Maris Piper potato.

Collective jaws dropped as Rebekah Vardy compared Peter Andre’s penis to a ‘chipolata’, and there were tears of laughter when she said arguing with Coleen was like arguing with a pigeon because ‘it’s still going to s**t in your hair’. There were more laughs when Vardy was bamboozled by a reference to Davy Jones’ Locker when the court heard her phone ended up at the bottom of the North Sea. She looked to the judge for help and told him she didn’t watch much TV.

MailOnline readers on either #TeamVardy or #TeamRooney have called for the case to be televised – and joked today about bringing out the popcorn rather than doing a day’s work

There was also sympathy from her supporters as when she repeatedly broke down in the dock under fierce questioning from her nemesis’ bronzed lawyer David Sherborne, who repeatedly asked her if she was lying under oath.

And today Coleen gave evidence for the first time that she split from her husband Wayne, who blushed in court as she described how he was caught drink-driving with a ‘party girl’. And how she set the Instagram trap she claims proves that Rebekah Vardy’s social media account was behind leaks to the press.

Here are the highlights of the celeb libel trial of the year so far, and how the drama played out on social media: 

Day 4

Sarah Harding’s handbag

Rebekah got into a heated argument with Sarah Harding at the 2018 National Television Awards after the Girls Aloud singer spotted her rifling through her handbag, the High Court heard today.

Sarah Harding is said to have got into an argument with Rebekah after spotting her taking photos inside her handbag 

The story – which was published in several tabloid newspapers at the time – was mentioned by Coleen Rooney in written documents she submitted to the High Court as part of the £3million Wagatha Christie libel trial.

Coleen claimed: ‘She got in a spat with former Girls Aloud group member Sarah Harding during the 2018 event because Sarah apparently caught Becky taking photographs of the contents of Sarah’s handbag when Sarah had dropped it on the floor.

‘Their dispute subsequently appeared in The Sun.’ 

‘To be honest with you…’ 

Coleen provoked laughter at several moments during the cross-examination. ‘To be honest with you…’ she said, before stopping herself and adding: ‘Sorry to be using that.’ 

It came after her lawyer told Rebekah yesterday he’d ‘rather you’d be honest since you’re in the witness stand’ when she said the same thing.   

Giving the evils  

Rebekah’s lawyer Hugh Tomlinson QC suggested to Coleen that Rebekah’s agent, Caroline Watt, had abused her trust by allegedly leaking stories she accessing her client’s Instagram. 

Mr Tomlinson suggested Ms Watt abused her trust, saying: ‘It’s not nice when people abuse that trust, is it Mrs Rooney?’

‘No, it’s sad,’ she replied, tilting her head and looking at Rebekah.   

Day 3  

Davy Jones’ Locker

London’s High Court burst into laughter after Rebekah Vardy admitted she didn’t know who Davy Jones was while being questioned over a missing mobile.

Her agent Caroline Watt’s phone was dropped in the North Sea after the court asked for it to be handed over for examination. 

Coleen’s team have accused Rebekah of deleting key evidence that, it is said, would prove that Rebekah had been leaking stories to the media.

London’s High Court burst into laughter after Rebekah Vardy admitted she didn’t know who Davy Jones was while being questioned over a missing mobile

Coleen’s lawyer Mr Sherborne said: ‘We know that Ms Watt’s phone is now in Davy Jones’ Locker, don’t we, Mrs Vardy?’

Rebekah then replied: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know who Davy Jones is’, saying didn’t watch much TV. The judge then had to describe Mr Sherborne’s nautical reference to the sea bed.

Pigeon s*** 

One of yesterday’s highlights were Rebekah Vardy’s comments about arguing with Coleen Rooney was ‘as pointless as arguing with a pigeon’.

Mrs Vardy gave to a newspaper after Mrs Rooney’s ‘Wagatha Christie’ post, in which she denied being behind the leaks and said she was devastated by the abuse she received.

Mrs Vardy told the Daily Mail, when asked if the pair had argued: ‘That would be like arguing with a pigeon.

‘You can tell it that you are right and it is wrong, but it’s still going to s*** in your hair.’

Gemma Collins’ faceplant

Rebekah Vardy has claimed that she was too distracted by Gemma Collins’ Dancing On Ice ‘faceplant’ to respond when her PR agent admitted she was the source of the Coleen Rooney car crash leak.

The court heard that Caroline Watt admitted she had been the source of the Honda car crash story. It came at the end of the pair’s discussion when Ms Watt simply wrote: ‘It was me.’

Rebekah agreed that the message ‘appeared to confirm Caroline Watt was the source of the story’.

She said she did not respond to the message as it was the children’s bath time then she was further distracted by ‘Gemma Collins’ faceplant’ in Dancing on Ice.

She was referring to the moment the celebrity tripped and fell face-first on the ice during one of the routines in the ITV show.

Tears in the witness box

Rebekah Vardy was accused of betraying her friends and her husband’s teammates yesterday as she was grilled over WhatsApp messages in the ‘Wagatha Christie’ libel trial.

She broke down repeatedly, leading to two emergency breaks in court. 

In five hours of gruelling cross-examination, which at one point left her in tears, Rebekah denied she encouraged her agent to ‘stalk’ Coleen Rooney’s private Instagram and leak stories about her and other Wags.

Rebekah, 40, was confronted with messages in which she discussed leaking and selling stories, and faced repeated accusations that she was lying to the court to protect the ‘last shred’ of her case against Coleen.

She rejected accusations she had revealed ‘juicy information’ to settle scores with rival Wags, while courting positive publicity by arranging staged photographs and interviews to promote her image.

Day 2

A mock-up of Wayne Rooney walking to court with a court sketch overlaid on his face 

WAGs washing their smalls in the sink at the World Cup 

Rebekah Vardy claimed she and her fellow WAGs had to wash their own clothes in the sink at their hotel during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

As the Wagatha Christie trial entered a third day, Rebekah was quizzed by Coleen Rooney’s barrister David Sherborne about the extent of her contacts with journalists during the tournament.

In response, the WAG claimed she did not have any contact with the media because she was too busy washing her clothes in the sink.

‘I was busy with the kids and under so much stress,’ she said. ‘We even had to wash our own clothes in the sink at the hotel.’

Calling Coleen a ‘c***’ for unfollowing her on Insta

Rebekah Vardy messaged her agent ‘OMG what a c***’ when Coleen Rooney unfollowed her on Instagram after ‘fake’ story about car crash was published, libel trial told

Rebekah Vardy has been quizzed once again at the Wagatha Christie libel trial about a WhatsApp exchange which saw her brand Coleen Rooney a ‘c***’ after she unfollowed her on Instagram.

Coleen, 36, accused Rebekah, 40, of leaking ‘false stories’ about her private life to the media in October 2019, after carrying out what she described as a months-long ‘sting operation’.

She publicly outed Rebekah in an Instagram post, claiming her fellow WAG had shared three ‘fake’ stories she had shared as bait on her personal account. Rebekah furiously denied this and launched her costly libel action which is now into its second trial day.

Before the scandal broke, Coleen stopped following Rebekah on Instagram. ‘OMG what a c***,’ Rebekah texted her agent Caroline Watt after realising what had happened, according to texts read out to the High Court earlier in the trial.

Peter Andre’s privates were among the unlikely highlights of the first day of the Wagatha Christie trial

Day 1

Peter Andre’s ‘chipolata’ manhood

Peter Andre’s privates were among the unlikely highlights of the first day of the Wagatha Christie trial.   

Rebekah Vardy was asked an interview she gave to the News Of The World about her claimed sexual encounter with singer Peter Andre.

Coleen Rooney’s barrister David Sherborne showed a print out of the article to Rebekah in the witness box before reading the headline: ‘Peter’s hung like a small chipolata, shaved, slobbery, lasts five minutes’.

The barrister read excerpts from the article, in which it was claimed Mr Andre had managed ‘just five minutes of sex with Rebekah’ and in which she said he had ‘the smallest trouser equipment I’ve ever seen’ that was like a ‘miniature chipolata’. 

Mr Sherborne suggested to Rebekah that the News Of The World was the ‘highest circulating newspaper at the time’, read by some four million people, and asked her whether it was ‘respectful’ of Peter Andre’s ‘right not to share this information’. 

She replied: ‘I was forced into a situation by my ex-husband to do this.

‘It is something that I deeply regret… It is not nice to read and I understand why this is being used and to me this is mudslinging and I was also threatened with mudslinging by Mrs Rooney’s team.’

Asked the question again by Coleen Rooney’s barrister David Sherborne, Mrs Vardy said: ‘The circumstances around it were completely different.’

Comical courts sketches

Commenters on Twitter have likened one portrait of the Rooneys to art styles from the 1400s

Twitter user Charlotte Johnson applauded the court artist for ‘getting Michael Jackson pretty much bang on’

Others focused on the portrayal of Wayne Rooney, with one likening his image to American professional wrestler, Brock Lesnar

An artist impression of Rebekah Vardy giving evidence (left) to Barrister Mr Sherborne (right) with Wayne and Coleen Rooney looking on (centre) at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Sketch from May 11

Another compared an image of the football manager to the restoration of a Spanish fresco of Jesus, now referred to as ‘Monkey Christ’, by Cecilia Jimenez

A court sketch showing Rebekah Vardy (middle) appearing in the witness box in front of the Rooneys, with Wayne (third from right) unable to look at her. Sketch from May 11

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