Girl, 10, left with severe burns on HALF her body after she 'went up in 10ft flames' when propane tank exploded at party

AN ACROBATIC 10-year-old girl who loved flying through the air is now confined to a hospital bed after she suffered second and third-degree burns on half her body.

Poor little Isla Cook used to twirl through the air as part of her gymnastics routine – but now the 10-year-old is still in the hospital after a propane tank exploded outside her family pool party.

"Life can change fast," said the girl's mother, Alyssa Cook. "I want her out of pain."

The Cooks were enjoying a sunny grill and pool party in their Peoria, Arizona home last Sunday when the grill's propane tank exploded – drastically hitting the girl.

"It's tragic, an absolute tragic situation and watching my daughter go up in flames, it's the hardest thing I ever had to do," said Justin Cook, Isla's father.

Isla is now sitting in a hospital bed after suffering burns on more than 46 percent of her body.

"We want her to make a full recovery and have her be the normal perfect child she is," said her father, adding doctors believe she'll be in the hospital anywhere from one month to 10.

But she's still telling her parents she hopes to hit the gym mat as soon as she's able to.

"She's a fighter. We are really thankful she has been doing gymnastics for years to be strong and push through things," said Alyssa.

A GoFundMe created for little Isla has raised over $94,000 since it started less than a week ago.

"Our sweet Isla Clare Cook was injured in a tragic accident during a family gathering when a leaking propane tank caught on fire," read the fundraiser. "Isla ended up receiving the brunt of the ten-foot flames."

Unfortunately, this freak accident occurs all too often.

"It's unfortunate. People have been seriously hurt and worse," said Peoria Fire Captain Mark Barbee. "There are things we can do to prevent these things from happening."

Barbee urged people to ensure their tanks aren't over-pressurized by reading the meter and should check their handle is tightly secured.

"Keep those kids away from the barbecues. Keep the actual barbecue at least 10 feet away from the house," he added. "Make sure the rubber hoses are intact and they're in good shape."

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