Girls going gaga for MAGA and Biden-backing babes have been front and center this election

FOR all the divisions of the 2020 campaign, the candidates have had one thing in common: each has had his share of scantily-clad women backing him to be the next president.

Recent months have seen supporters of groups including Hotties for Trump and Booty for Biden posting pictures online to encourage fans to vote for their pick.

As the world awaits the result of today's ballot, the Daily Star took a look back at some of Trump and Biden's hottest fans.

Pictures posted to social media show Trump supporters sporting his signature MAGA merchandise, which includes hats, bras, and thongs.

Others pose on the back of boats in sunny weather, waving campaign flags as well as the Stars and Stripes.

Two young women are also seen holding a flag reading: "Millennials for Trump".

The pictures even have a Reddit thread dedicated to them, with new pictures appearing multiple times a day.

On the opposing side, Booty for Biden was set up by social media influencer Tana Mongeau.

Last month, Mongeau posted a snap of herself barely dressed and with Biden's face superimposed over her own.

A caption read: "Love to see so many ppl who want change as badly as i do.

"U don't need my ass to know what's right for America so go VOTE!"

She also posted a picture of herself in her underwear and pledged to send fans a nude snap if they backed Biden.

She later said that more than 10,000 people had sent her evidence to prove they had voted for the former vice president.

Responding in a live stream to a comment from a Trump supporter, she added: "I don't really know what your comment is going to do.

"But in the meantime, my naked body is doing so many things for Biden, so…"

Adult star Cherie DeVille, who in January called off a long-shot presidential run of her own after a 17 month campaign, also launched a website earlier this month aimed at getting out the vote.

The site – named Erection Season – includes links to information for voters in each of America's 50 states.

DeVille said she had set up the site because "there is so much at stake".

"I want to convince anyone I can, even if I have to appeal to their penis," she said.

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