Grandmother kisses granddaughter through the window in lockdown visit

Adorable moment grandmother kisses her two-year-old granddaughter through the window as she pays a surprise visit – but keeps a safe distance – during lockdown

  • Lori Lauderdale, 70, drove to each of her four children’s homes to safely visit
  • The widow visited her two-year-old granddaughter, Shepard, in Atlanta, Georgia
  • An adorable video shows ‘Gigi’ saying hi to Shepard and daughter Mandy, 42 

A grandmother couldn’t bare the thought of not seeing her ten grandchildren so planned a surprise visit which made for a tearful reunion.

Lori Lauderdale, 70, surprised her daughter Mandy, 42, and granddaughter Shepard, 2, by saying hello through the window at their home in Atlanta, Georgia.

In an adorable video, Lori kisses her granddaughter through the glass, while driving to all her four children’s homes to visit her grandchildren and give them presents.

The trip took Lori five hours in total, starting at her home in Marietta and stopped in Braselton, Decatur, Douglasville and Powder Springs before returning.

Lori Lauderdale, 70, kisses her granddaughter Shepard, 2, and daughter Mandy, 42 through the window of their home in Atlanta, Georgia

An excited Shepard turns to her mum and points at Lori saying ‘Hi Gigi’ as her grandmother sheds a tear of joy

Lori drops bags of presents and houseplants in her daughter’s driveway as Mandy tells Shepard ‘there she is’.

Shepard giggles in excitement as she instantly recognises her grandmother, who is wearing protective gloves and keeping a safe distance.

Lori kneels down at the window to give Shepard a kiss on the lips through the glass and sheds a tear of joy.

The family dog even comes over to say hello as Shepard turns round to Mandy and points to her grandmother, saying ‘Hi Gigi’.

Mandy says her and Shepard didn’t know Lori was visiting ‘until she called us from our driveway’

Lori and Shepard (pictured before the coronavirus lockdown) have a ‘a very special relationship’ according to Mandy. Lori made the trip to give all her grandchildren Easter presents

The trip around each of her four grandchildren’s homes in Georgia took Lori five hours in total. She is pictured above with Shepard before the coronavirus lockdown was put in place

Mandy said: ‘My mom is a widow and lives alone.

‘She wanted to see her 10 grandchildren so badly, so she drove to my house and the houses of my three siblings.

‘We didn’t know she was doing this until she called us from our driveway. She and Shepard have a very special relationship.

‘I was so touched that she would drive all over Georgia to see her grandkids from afar.’

The trip was taken on Easter Sunday so Lori could give all her grandchildren Easter presents. 

The U.S. death toll from coronavirus nears 43,000 Tuesday morning and there are more than 800,000 confirmed cases

The touching video comes as the number of coronavirus cases in the US reached 800,197 this morning.

There have been 42,940 deaths from the killer bug in total with an increase of 1,788 deaths seen yesterday.

The ominous statistics could get worse before they get better, according to World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

He said: ‘Trust us. The worst is yet ahead of us. Let’s prevent this tragedy. It’s a virus that many people still don’t understand.

 ‘Please let’s consider those who are dying as individuals, they are not numbers or figures. Even one life is precious.’ 

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