Grieving dog named Guardian refuses to leave sister’s body on Texas roadside as rescuers arrive – The Sun

Pet rescuers were faced with a "heart-wrenching" scene after they found a dog guarding over his dead sister's body on a deserted road in Texas.

Staff at Kingsville Kleberg Health Department Animal Control & Care Center received a call on Friday morning about a deceased dog on a rural road in Kleberg County.

When they arrived on the scene however, they found another dog guarding over the body of the dead canine.

The pair turned out to be brother and sister, and the center's staff believe the female dog was hit and killed by a vehicle.

"This boy wasn't going to let anyone mess with his sister," said officials from the center.

"Our Animal Control Officers had a hard time convincing him everything was going to be all right and they were there to help him."

The center's staff decided to name the loyal dog Guardian, and are now holding him for the required four days.

If he is not claimed, he will be released for an adoption which has already been scheduled for 8am on May 29.

"This call was one of the most heart-wrenching for our staff, but we thought we'd share some behind the scene images of situations they are faced with on a regular basis," added the staff.

The center says this incident sheds light on some of the heart-breaking calls their staff has regularly.

"He is still a little confused about what happened, but at least he is now in a safe place with fresh, cool water and belly full of food," the staff added, in an update posted on Facebook.

He is listed as a Catahoula Mix and is estimated to be six to 12 months old.

Catahoula Leopard dogs are known to be excellent watchdogs, and its name originates from the Native American language of Choctaw, meaning sacred lake.

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