Heartbreaking rollcall of children who became victims of lockdown

Heartbreaking rollcall of children who became victims of lockdown: As case of little Lola sparks urgent review – how Star Hobson, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Kaylea Titford were all failed by those meant to protect them

The Covid-19 lockdown has produced a heartbreaking rollcall of children who became victims of tragic deaths at the hands of those who are meant to take care of them.

Two-year-old Lola James was tragically killed by her evil stepfather, suffering 101 injuries including brain damage similar to what is sustained in high-speed car-crashes.

The little girl was victim to a ‘frenized and extremely violent attack’ on July 17, 2020 at her home in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, by her mother Sinead James’ new partner Kyle Bevan, 31. She died four days later.

Young Logan Mwangi, five, was killed by his mother, stepfather and stepbrother on July 31, 2020 after suffering ‘catastrophic’ internal injuries. His body was found in the River Ogmore near his home in Sarn, Bridgend County.

Star Hobson was only 16 months old when she was killed at her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire on September 22, 2020 by her mother Frankie Smith’s girlfriend Savannah Brockhill, after suffering months of abuse in her home during the Covid lockdown last year.

A mother and her ‘monster’ boyfriend have been found guilty over the death of two-year-old Lola James (pictured) who was fatally attacked at her home in Wales

NSPCC Cymru’s assistant director Tracey Holdsworth said a review into Lola’s death must establish whether more could have been done by agencies to prevent her death and called for the Welsh Government to make child protection a national priority. 

Ms Holdsworth said: ‘This is another tragic case where a young child has died at the hands of those who she depended on.

‘Lola deserved a happy and healthy future, but that was cruelly taken away by the horrendous actions of Kyle Bevan and the failure of her mother, Sinead James, to intervene.

‘The Welsh Government has rightly committed to transforming children’s social care and it’s crucial this leads to systemic changes that ensure children like Lola are better protected.’

Lola James, two – murdered July 17, 2020

Lola James, two

Two-year-old Lola James was tragically killed by her evil stepfather, suffering 101 injuries including brain damage similar to what is sustained in high-speed car-crashes. 

Sinead James, 30, moved her partner Kyle Bevan, 31, into the house she shared with little Lola James in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, a day after meeting him on Facebook in February 2020.

Swansea Crown Court heard Bevan, who had a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ temper, carried out a ‘frenzied and extremely violent attack’ on the young girl just four months later, causing 101 bruises and scratches and a catastrophic injury to the brain. 

Lola’s mother was a victim of domestic abuse and had twice been educated on how to spot signs of an abuser, but chose to prioritise her relationship with Bevan over the safety of her child, the jury was told – before they convicted her of allowing Lola’s death. 

James was told by the local authority not to invite adults into the family home if she did not know them well or if they were alcohol or drug abusers, but she ignored their advice. 

Kaylea Titford, 16 – found dead October 10, 2020 

Also amongst the victims of lockdown is Kaylea Titford.

Kaylea Titford, 16

The 16-year-old, who suffered from spina bifida, was found dead at her home in Newtown, Powys, on October 10, 2020 after her parents allowed her to become morbidly obese during lockdown.

Her mother, Sarah Lloyd-Jones, 39, admitted manslaughter by gross negligence last year, while her father, Alun Titford, denied the charges and was found guilty after a trial last month.

The teenager weighed 22st 13lb with a BMI of 70 at the time of her death, and her body was discovered inside her bedroom in conditions described as ‘unfit for any animal’.

A jury of eight men and four women convicted Titford after being shown pictures during the trial at Mold Crown Court in North Wales of the ‘squalor and degradation’ Kaylea had been forced to endure.

Alijah Thomas, five – murdered September 14, 2021

Five-year-old Alijah Thomas begged her mother Martina Madarova, 41, not to kill her as she strangled her to death at their home in Ealing, west London, on September 14, 2021.

Alijah Thomas, five

Madarova had put on cartoons for her daughter Alijah Thomas before carrying out the act as the child said: ‘Mummy, don’t kill me.’ She proceeded to strangle Aljah, before ‘tucking her in with a blanket’.

The 41-year-old had been suffering with her mental health and turned to alcohol during the Covid lockdown, and had been in a ‘dark place’ the night before her daughter’s tragic death.

She was given a five-year jail sentence after a judge ruled that she had ‘low responsibility’ over Alijah’s death.

A court heard that in the months leading up to the incident, family members and friends became concerned for Madarova’s wellbeing as she appeared ‘increasingly stressed’.

She was concerned for her income, after her hours as a carer had been reduced, and had become anxious after missing the deadline to enrol Alijah at school.

On the morning of September 14, Alijah’s father had left early for work and was notified a few hours later from a phone call from Madarova that their daughter was dead. 

Kyrell Matthews, two – murdered October 20, 2019 

Kyrell Matthews, two

Kyrell Matthews, aged two, was left with 41 rib fractures and internal injuries by the time of his death after weeks of cruelty at the hands of his mother Phylesia Shirley and her boyfriend Kemar Brown.

Brown was convicted of murder while Shirley was acquitted of murder but found guilty of the alternative charge of manslaughter.

They appeared alongside each other in the dock as Brown was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison while Shirley was jailed for 13 years.

The toddler, who was non-verbal, could be heard crying and screaming on distressing audio files taken from Shirley’s phone and played to jurors during the trial. 

Brown and Shirley are understood to have been visited by social services at least once.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, six, murdered June 17, 2020

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, six

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, aged six, was murdered by his cruel stepmother Emma Tustin in June.

She was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 29 years and the boy’s father Thomas Hughes was jailed for 21 years for manslaughter. 

The boy had been seen by social workers just two months before his death, but they concluded there were no safeguarding concerns. 

In October 2019, Aileen Carabine, a special educational coordinator at Arthur’s school, said Arthur ‘deteriorated’ that month. 

Hughes, 29, was jailed for life with a minimum of 21 years after being found guilty of manslaughter – but cleared of murder – for encouraging the killing, including by sending a text message to Tustin 18 hours before the fatal assault telling her ‘just end him’. 

Logan Mwangi, five – murdered July 31, 2020

Logan Mwangi, five

Five-year-old Logan Mwangi was murdered by his mother, step-father and teenage step-brother on July 31, 2021.

His body, which suffered 56 ‘catastrophic’ injuries consistent with a ‘brutal and sustained assault’ was found in the River Ogmore near his home in Sarn, Bridgend county.

John Cole, 40, Angharad Williamson, 31, and 14-year-old Craig Mulligan were all convicted of murder in April 2022.

Cole will serve a minimum of 29 years, Williamson at least 28 years, while teenage Mulligan will serve at least 15 years.

Social services repeatedly missed signs of abuse and opportunities to protect Logan, with injuries dating back to August 2020.

Inspectors have blasted the council which failed to protect murdered five-year-old Logan Mwangi, with the watchdog insisting ‘serious concerns’ remain about its children’s services a full year after his death.

Care Inspectorate Wales noted there have been improvements at Bridgend County Borough Council in the last 12 months, but said there was still a need for ‘further urgent action’.

Star Hobson, 16 months – murdered September 22, 2020 

Star Hobson, 16 months 

Star Hobson was just 16 months old when she was murdered by her mother’s girlfriend Savannah Brockill in September 2020.

In the lead-up to her death, she had suffered months of abuse in her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire, during the coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

Former Children’s Commissioner for England Anne Longfield, the chairwoman of the Commission on Young Lives, warned after Star’s murder that the Covid lockdown ‘brought its own opportunities for those who harm, groom and abuse children.’

Brockill is now serving a life sentence with a minimum term of 25 years at HMP Styal in Cheshire, after being convicted in December 2021.

Star’s mother, Frankie Smith, was convicted of causing or allowing the toddler’s death and was initially sentenced to eight years behind bars.

This was increased to 12 years after a judicial review.

Social services missed five opportunities to stop Star’s killers, with her great-grandfather Dave Fawcett saying after their convictions: ‘It’s disgusting because there were five referrals. Not one of them did anything. It’s just beyond belief, really.’

Lola’s stepfather, Kyle Bevan, 31, (pictured left), denied murdering the youngster a few months after moving in with the family in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, with her mother Sinead James (right). 

Photographs of the home showed old takeaway boxes and cigarette buts on a wooden table

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Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, aged just six, was murdered in June 2020 after being abused for months during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown

Lola James’ killer stepdad Bevan, a self-confessed ‘spice head’, moved into the property the same month social services visited and raised concerns about the conditions of the house – however the authorities failed to return before Lola’s murder due to the Covid lockdown. 

James, of Neyland, denied causing or allowing the death of a child. Bevan, of Aberystwyth, denied murder. The pair were both found guilty after a jury took little over ten hours to reach their verdict. 

The case bears a similarity to scores of other children who were neglected by agencies during the height of the Covid pandemic and ultimately ended up murdered, including Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, Logan Mwangi and Star Hobson. 

The last face-to-face visit to Lola’s home in February 2020 stemmed from a multi-agency referral a month earlier, following a domestic incident involving James’s former partner. 

The court heard James twice enrolled on the Freedom Programme, which offers advice to victims on how to spot the signs of an abuser – but the mother-of-three said she left the course in January 2020 because ‘they were telling me the same stuff.’ 

Asked whether Bevan showed any signs of being an aggressor, James said he had ‘some of them’, but later said: ‘I never thought they were in major danger… I never thought he would hurt my children.’ 

James had attempted to carry out domestic violence checks on Bevan using Clare’s Law the day before the fatal attack on Lola but he refused to give her his date of birth.

The court heard Bevan said: ‘I don’t have to give it to you. They won’t find anything on me.’

After the murder, Bevan lied to police to say the family dog pushed Lola down the stairs after the child suffered 101 injuries and a catastrophic brain injury.

Pictured: Sinead James smoking outside Swansea Crown Court, Wales, on March 7

Bevan blamed Lola’s injuries on the family dog (pictured with Sinead James) knocking Lola down the stairs

The trial was shown shocking pictures of the squalid home at Swansea Crown Court

The court heard Lola had previously sustained injuries including a damaged nose, black eyes and a cut lip while in Bevan’s care

Text messages read out at court showed James once told Bevan that Lola was ‘doing her head in’, before she added: ‘I’ll throw her out the window.’ 

In another text, killer Bevan wrote to James: ‘Too many kids in the house. Just doing my head in’.

He later claimed Lola fell out of her cot while she was under his care. 

He told James: ‘She was stood in her cot, and she dropped to the floor really quickly. She bit her lip on the way down. I tried to help but she kicked off. I feel like you don’t trust me anymore.’

‘Lola needs to get used to me babe, I am not the devil, I think the world of that little girl,’ another said.

Police said: ‘Sinead James struck up a new relationship with Kyle Bevan in February 2020 and allowed him into her life, moving in with her after only knowing each other for a day – there was then a period of lockdown where Kyle Bevan remained and lived within Sinead James’ household.

The morning of July 17, Bevan sent his mother a disturbing 22-second film of him trying to prop up a clearly unconscious and severely injured Lola. When she fell to the floor with a thud, he said: ‘She’s gone. She’s gone’

James (pictured) and Bevan were both found guilty after a jury took over ten hours to decide their verdict at Swansea Crown Court

Tributes and toys left outside of the house where Lola James was living in Haverfordwest, Wales, after her death in 2020

‘Neither Bevan or James were open to any agency at that time and there was no external professional assessment of their new relationship.’

James was also was warned her boyfriend was dangerous just eight days before he carried out the fatal attack.

His ex-partner’s mother messaged James on Facebook to say Bevan was a ‘child protection risk’, telling her: ‘I’m concerned about the fact that he is around your children.’

When police asked James in January 2021 what steps she had taken to protect Lola, the mother said she ‘never thought’ her daughter was ‘in major danger’. She maintained that her daughter was ‘safe with me’.

Lola was rushed to hospital with 101 surface injuries and a catastrophic brain injury on July 17, 2020

James said Bevan woke her to say that Lola had fallen down the stairs (pictured), and presented a piece of her daughter’s tongue on his finger

Lola James held by her biological father Daniel Thomas. In a statement after the verdict, he said: ‘The pain and grief I feel every time I close my eyes and see your perfect little face is unbearable’

The Crown Prosecution Service also issued this picture, which shows an unwashed onesie

Timeline of the months leading up to Lola James’s death 

– September 30 2017: Lola James is born

– January 2020: Multi-agency referral submitted by health visitor Lesley Steadman after reports of a domestic incident with James’s former partner at her home.

– February 10 2020: Ms Steadman conducts last face-to-face visit with James at the property due to the coronavirus lockdown. She said she raised concerns about the condition of the house and James raised concerns about Lola’s behaviour and said she thought the toddler might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

– February 2020: Bevan and James strike up a relationship online.

Bevan moves in with James and her children at their home in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, a day after knowing each other. He remained in the house throughout the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

– April 19 2020: Facebook messages between Bevan and James reveal Lola suffered a ‘bloodied nose’ while in Bevan’s care when James was in a different room.

– April 26 2020: Facebook messages between the couple show Lola suffered a grazed chin while in Bevan’s care. He blamed it on her having fallen over, calling her a ‘crazy kid’.

– May 4 2020: Bevan sends James a Facebook message saying Lola cut her lip by falling from her bed while he was in her room.

– May 14 2020: Bevan is alleged to have used a hammer to smash up parts of the house and tried headbutting James. James flees with the children and takes them to friend Casey Morgan’s house.

– May 15 2020: Bevan messages James apologising for his behaviour, saying ‘I feel like a monster’.

– July 5 2020: James’s friend Ms Morgan sees Lola with bruised legs while in the park.

– July 7 2020: Ms Morgan said she witnessed Bevan pushing a pram with a child inside into the road in anger. She believed he was under the influence of drugs.

– July 9 2020: Lola sustains an injury to the bridge of her nose, which also causes her eyes to appear bruised. Bevan claims Lola fell off the sofa on to the coffee table.

– July 16 2020: Between 7pm and 8pm James claims she went to bed, leaving Lola downstairs with Bevan.

– July 16 2020: Bevan stayed up late with Lola taking pictures of her using Snapchat filters. He claims he then put her to bed.

– July 17 2020: A few minutes after midnight James said she heard a bang and a scream and found Bevan comforting Lola in her bedroom. He told her Lola had hit her head but said he was dealing with it. James went back to bed.

– July 17 2020: At 4.26am Lola is known to be conscious and upright because of a picture Bevan takes of injuries to her back. At around 6.32am Bevan begins searching the internet for information about babies sustaining head impacts. Police later believe this is an indication the assault had just taken place. He also searches for ‘loss of consciousness’ which comes up with the website healthchildren.org.

At 6.37am, Bevan had taken a screenshot of a website providing him with clear guidance that he should seek emergency medical help if a child displays symptoms such as excessive bruising or swelling and/or loss of consciousness. Two photographs taken by Bevan at 6.38am and 6.39am show Lola’s head, eyes and lips extremely swollen and bruised. She appears to be unconscious.

At 6.40am Bevan calls his mother Alison Bevan but she does not answer. He claims he did so because she is a nurse. Ms Bevan is in fact a non-medically trained healthcare support worker.

Bevan continues trying to contact his mother, including sending her the photographs he has taken of Lola. She is asleep and she does not reply until 6.55am.

Seeing the pictures she immediately tells her son to take Lola to hospital.

At 6.58am, Bevan sends his mother a disturbing 22-second film of him trying to prop up a clearly unconscious and severely injured Lola. When she inevitably falls to the floor with a thud, he comments: ‘She’s gone. She’s gone.’

At 7am, Ms Bevan sends another message urging her son to wake James up and seek medical help. She continues to message Bevan for another 13 minutes but he is no longer replying.

At around 7.20am James said Bevan woke her up and told her Lola had fallen down the stairs, and showed her a piece of Lola’s tongue on his finger.

James calls her mother Nicola James at 7.26am.

At 7.28am, nearly an hour after the internet searches, Bevan asks his mother to call an ambulance. He claims he cannot make the call himself and tells his mother he has told James he has called for an ambulance already. Emergency services operators receive a 999 call from Ms Bevan at 7.29am. At 7.30am James makes an NHS 111 call during which she describes Lola’s face as ‘swollen’ and says she is ‘really scared’.

Shortly after, Bevan again uses his phone to take photographs and videos of Lola, who is still unconscious, unresponsive and visibly injured lying on the sofa.

An ambulance is dispatched to Lola’s home address at 7.32am. James misses four calls from the ambulance service at 7.33am as she remained on the line to NHS 111.

Paramedics arrive at the scene at around 7.34am. At this stage Lola was unconscious but alive.

Bevan tells the paramedics ‘I think the dog tripped her over.’ Lola is transferred by ambulance to Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest.

It is there that Bevan becomes aggressive with doctors who are asking questions about Lola’s injuries.

Lola is transferred to University Hospital Wales (UHW) in Cardiff and arrives at 11.15am.

Police officers are at the scene at 11.17am capturing their conversation with Bevan through body-worn video cameras. Bevan claims Lola was pushed down the stairs by the dog and says he only feels partly responsible because he was making her a bowl of cereal at the time.

At 3.15pm Bevan messages James asking her what she is going to tell the police. The prosecution said this was Bevan making sure she would give an account consistent with his.

At 4.34pm James is arrested at the UHW on suspicion of child neglect and at 4.37pm Bevan is also arrested at a neighbour’s house. Both are questioned.

Consultant community paediatrician Dr Nia John, who works in UHW’s paediatric critical care unit, visits Lola at 5pm and notes 101 surface injuries to Lola’s body. She also notes swelling to the head, eyes and lips and bleeding from her ears which is a sign of serious head trauma. She considers Lola’s injuries as highly suspicious and possibly non-accidental.

– July 17 to 18 2020: Police crime scene investigators attend the scene and find that despite the fact the house is generally dirty and untidy, the bath appears to be spotless as though recently cleaned. Also recovered is a child’s wet, vomit and blood-stained grey onesie which was found in the corner of the living room.

Bevan sends abusive text messages to Lola’s biological father Dan Thomas.

– July 21 2020: Lola dies at University Hospital Wales (UHW) in Cardiff at 1.18pm as a result of catastrophic injuries. She is aged two years and 10 months.

– January 18 2021: Bevan is further arrested on suspicion of murder.

– January 25 2021: James is rearrested on suspicion of murder and again released on conditional bail.

– April 21 2022: Bevan and James are rearrested and charged with murder and causing or allowing the death of a child respectively.

– April 22 2022: They both appear at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court. Bevan is remanded back into custody, and James is remanded into custody for her own safety after receiving threats from community members. They indicate guilty pleas.

– April 25 2022: The pair appear for a first appearance before Swansea Crown Court.

– June 29 2022: Bevan and James plead not guilty to the charges against them at Swansea Crown Court. Bevan remains in custody, while James is released on conditional bail.

– March 7 2023: Four-week trial begins.

It was accepted that James was asleep at the time and did not take part in the vicious assault that led to her daughter’s death. 

Yet it was the prosecution’s case that James failed to protect Lola from Bevan, ‘instead choosing to prioritise her relationship with him over her own daughter’s physical safety’.

The court heard Bevan had a ‘nasty and violent temper’ and had failed to call an ambulance immediately and instead filmed a ‘disturbing 22-second film’ of seriously injured Lola as he tried to prop her up.

The footage was taken 26 minutes after Bevan had already carried out a series of internet searches at 6.32am on July 17, 2020.

One search said: ‘My two-year-old child has just taken a bang to the head and gone all limp and snoring. What’s wrong.’

Prosecutor Caroline Rees KC said: ‘He needed the time to cover his tracks. When paramedics arrived they found that Lola had been dressed but was wet and that Lola was seriously ill.’

Bevan later messaged James to ask, ‘how are we both going to go to sleep and chill later?’, when police boarded the house as a crime scene.  

The court heard Lola died from her injuries four days later at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital in Cardiff.

Mrs Rees said: ‘Bruises were noted on Lola’s forehead. Kyle Bevan continued to try and explain things away by blaming the family dog for pushing Lola downstairs.’

The court heard doctors found 101 surface injuries on Lola including ‘bruising all over her little body and grazing of the skin.’

She also suffered extensive damage to every part of both retinas along with a catastrophic brain injury.

Photos from police crime scene investigators showed a ‘clean and shiny bath’ while the rest of the house was piled with clutter and toys.

James said Bevan told her he used to be a ‘spice head’ while also confessing to taking amphetamines, tranquilliser Xanax and cannabis.

A search of the house revealed a ‘child’s wet and vomit and blood stained grey onesie’ in the living room and curtains and a sheet in the washing machine.

The court heard Lola had suffered previous injuries when left alone with Bevan – but her mum said she had no concerns over her daughter’s safety.

She said: ‘He was really good. He would cook her dinner. He would do stuff with her. He was always buying her stuff she didn’t need but he would treat her.’

The court heard James had witnessed Bevan ‘smashing up the house’ in May 2020, after he flew into an alcohol and drugs-fuelled rage but she allowed him to stay living in the home.

The court heard Lola had previously sustained injuries including a damaged nose, black eyes and a cut lip while in Bevan’s care. 

Judge Mr Justice Griffiths adjourned the sentencing for April 25 for pre-sentence reports.

He told Bevan: ‘There is only one sentence for murder and that is life imprisonment.’

Lola James’s biological father, Daniel Thomas, said in statement released by Dyfed-Powys Police: ‘The pain and grief I feel every time I close my eyes and see your perfect little face is unbearable.

‘The pain I feel thinking of all the smiles you gave to me and all the smiles I won’t get a chance to give back to you hurts so much.

‘Even to say your name shatters my heart to know you can’t hear my voice anymore, the only reason I can stand here today is for hope that you can see me, see that you were loved and that you deserved to live a full, happy, safe life surrounded by the joy that you gave to others.

‘I’m so sorry your short life was filled with so much pain. You are so loved Lola and so missed every single day. 

‘A great team with much passion has worked together for this day since you’ve left us.

‘Special thanks to the investigation team for not leaving any question unanswered or stone unturned, and to my family support officers for keeping me focused and guiding me through the darkest hours along with my closest friends and family.

‘The outcome here will never stop the hurt you felt or the hurt that lives inside of me, it’s been a long time coming to see justice and I can only pray that these cruel, evil people that hurt you and allowed you to be hurt, suffer pain and torment until they take their last breath.’

Nicola James, Lola’s maternal grandmother, said in a statement after the guilty verdicts were read: ‘We would like to thank the police, local authority and all involved for everything they have done to get us to this point. 

‘We will be forever grateful for the support we have received from our Family Liaison Officers and the support we have received from Sandy Bears.

‘My last memory with Lola is hearing her singing the song ‘Diamonds’ by Rhianna. 

‘She will forever be our diamond up in the sky, we will never ever forget her, and we will continue to keep her memory alive. 

‘We write her letters, and we talk to her in the sky at night.

‘As a family we will never get over this, the loss that we feel is indescribable. 

‘We haven’t begun to process all of this, and don’t know how we ever will.

‘Lola we love you, we will always love you, and we will miss you forever.’

Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Roberts of Dyfed-Powys Police welcomed the verdict and said: ‘Our thoughts at this time are with Lola and the family who loved her.

‘Lola died on July 21, 2020, as a result of horrendous injuries which were inflicted by Kyle Bevan in what must have been a frenzied and extremely violent attack on a helpless two-year-old child.

‘Lola had 101 external injuries to her body and her death was caused by a catastrophic brain injury, likely caused by blunt force trauma – punching or slapping – shaking, or a combination of both.

‘Bevan delayed raising the alarm and seeking medical attention for at least an hour after he inflicted the fatal injuries and in the time since he has shown no remorse, emotion or any care for Lola. 

‘Consumed by his own self-preservation, Bevan lied and fabricated an accidental stair fall to try and cover his tracks but, with the help of medical experts, we have been able to prove that his actions were deliberate, abhorrent and evil.

‘Lola should have been able to rely on her own mother to keep her safe from harm and physical risk. 

‘However, Sinead James seriously failed in her duty towards her daughter. 

‘She was, or at least ought to have been, well aware of the risk of violence which Bevan posed to her child but did nothing to protect Lola from the danger which he presented.

‘This investigation commenced after police officers were called to Princess Royal Way in Haverfordwest on Friday, July 17, 2020 to a report of an injured two-year-old child, falsely presented by Bevan as a stair fall.

‘Tragically, Lola James had suffered a significant brain injury and died three days later on July 20. 

‘Medical experts subsequently noted 101 separate injuries to her body, most of which were determined as abusive inflicted injuries – they were deemed to be non-accidental and not consistent with a stair fall.

‘Concerns were raised from the outset and an investigation was commenced that has been complex, exhaustive and emotionally demanding for all professionals due to the clear horrific abuse of a vulnerable child.

‘A significant volume of probative evidence was gathered that contradicted the lies of Bevan, with compelling medical expert opinion being critical.

‘Specialist officers have supported Lola’s close family throughout the difficult and distressing investigation.

‘I’d like to thank the community, many of which were brave to provide important witness testimony.

‘I’d also like to personally thank Lola’s family for the respectful manner that they have conducted themselves as this difficult investigation progressed. 

‘The love for Lola is clear and it is a tragedy that will be difficult to overcome, however, I hope this outcome brings some comfort.’

NSPCC Cymru’s assistant director Tracey Holdsworth said: ‘This is another tragic case where a young child has died at the hands of those who she depended on.

‘We can all look out for children’s welfare, and anyone concerned about a child can call the NSPCC free helpline on 0808 800 5000, or email [email protected].

‘If a child is in immediate danger, please call 999.’

The full list of the 101 shocking injuries Lola was found with

1) Brown / pink circular bruise which is pale in the centre on the right side of Lola’s forehead

2) Two small puncture wounds within the aforementioned bruise

3) Numerous petechial haemorrhages – pinpoint bruising – around the bruise

4) 5.5cm circular bruise on left side of forehead

5) An of indistinct bruising below bruise (4)

6) Large blue bruise on centre of forehead

7) Three puncture wounds with fresh blood within large central bruise on forehead

8) 2cmx2cm dark bruise near right eyebrow

9) Area of bruising on right side of scalp

10) Petechial haemorrhages upper part of neck and back of skull

11 to 13) Swelling and bruising around right eye

14) Petechial haemorrhages around the eyes

15) Two small cuts near right eye

16 to 18) Swelling and bruising around right eye including dark brown bruising reaching down to the nose

19) Both lips very swollen

20) Bruising along top of the left cheek bone

21) 1cm blue bruise in centre of left cheek with indistinct margins

22) Petechial haemorrhages on left cheek and temple

23) Dark blue / black bruise from left eye to bridge of nose

24) Dark red / purple bruising on left jawline

25) Scratches on right cheek and evidence of petechial haemorrhages across chin

26) Numerous scratches on front of neck

27) Scratches on either side of neck in vertical direction

28) Two distinct areas of bruising on right side of neck

29) Bruising to right ear, including inside the ear

30) Bruising to left ear, including in the ear

31) Blood in the ear canal

32) Bruising to every aspect of left ear

33) Abrasion possible from hospital strapping

34) Extensive bruising behind left ear

35) Swelling behind left ear

36) Area of bruising to right shoulder with an appearance of a ‘cluster’

37) Cluster of petechial haemorrhages in front of injury 36

38) Clusters of bruises on left shoulder from neck to the top of the left arm

39) Brown circular bruise on front of left shoulder

40) Cluster of bruises on deltoid of left arm

41) Background bruises on shoulder which were too numerous and ill-defined to count with any accuracy

42) Three abrasions on right side of back, two of which were 8cm in length

43) Area of abrasion between lines of abrasions mentioned in 42

44) 3cm abrasion above area mentioned in 43

45) 6cm abrasion or scratch on left side of back associated with cluster of dark brown bruises

46) Two further abrasions extending from abrasion 45 to shoulder blade

47) Multiple bruises and abrasions across the back extending from shoulder to the upper lower-back area

48) Two yellow / brown circular business on upper part of lower back

49) Two circular green / red bruises above the lumbar area

50) Large area of bruising, petechial haemorrhages and abrasions across whole of left side of back which were too numerous to count individually

51) Numerous bruises on right side of back extending to right shoulder

52) Extensive bruising to lower back above the cleft between the buttocks

53) Area of bruising above 52

54) Area of green / brown bruising above left buttock

55) Brown bruise on left buttock

56) Indistinct area of yellow bruising and abrasions in middle of lower back

57) Extensive area of bruising on right thigh stretching towards the groin

58) Clusters of bruising in a linear shape 57

59) Small feint abrasions associated with above

60) Distinct green / brown bruise on outside of right upper thigh

61) Second linear cluster of brown / pink bruises on right thigh

62) Numerous green, black and yellow bruises below 61

63) Brown linear bruise on bony part of pelvis

64) Six distinct brown / pink bruises on back and side of right thigh

65) Two smaller bruises in same area

66) Cluster of bruises and scratches on right buttock

67) Circular bruises on back of right thigh

68) Brown / pink bruise on right knee cap

69) Two linear bruises under right knee

70) Three large bruises on front of right shin

71) Paler indistinct bruise on inside of right calf

72) Indistinct area of bruising of upper left thigh

73) Bruise below area mentioned in 72

74) Multiple small bruises on inside of left thigh around knee

75) Brown / pink bruise above left knee

76) Dark brown bruise in middle of kneecap

77) Below 77 a cluster of four bruises

78) Series of bruises along middle of lower leg

79) Two brown / pink bruises below left kneecap

80) Area of blue / back bruising below 79

81) Dark linear bruise below 80

82) Bruise below 81 on shin

83) Area of red / pink bruising on lower leg with indistinct edges

84) Circular bruise on lower left shin which was dark purple / black in colour

85) Outside of left upper leg, large area of green bruising

86) Blue / green bruising on back of upper left thigh

87) Line of bruising above the left buttock

88) Abrasion on top of left foot

89) Area of redness on back of right foot

90) Brown bruise on right ankle

91) 1cm on upper right chest above nipple

92) Petechial bruising on right upper chest

93) Petechial bruising on front of right upper arm

94) Black circular on front of right upper arm

95) 1.5cm bruise on the front of the right forearm

96) Two small scabbed areas on right palm next to base of thumb

97 Blue / brown bruising over the right shoulder which the court hears the doctor could not examine in detail due to way Lola was lying

98) Two bruises on back of right upper arm on right side arm

99) 1cm brown circular bruise on left upper arm, and 2cm circular bruise in left elbow crease

100) 5cm bruise on back of left forearm

101) A cluster of five bruises on between wrist and elbow on left forearm

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