Inside abandoned 'death trap' mansion left to rot by Arnold Schwarzenegger superfan with rusting £40k motorbikes | The Sun

CREEPY images of an abandoned "death trap" mansion believed to be owned by an Arnold Schwarzenegger superfan, filled with £40,000 worth of memorabilia has been revealed.

An urban photographer stumbled upon the property in Ontario, Canada, and found it filled with old rusted motorbikes and other items related to the bodybuilder.

The explorer estimated the property was abandoned more than three decades ago.

Photos show the derelict mansion littered with £40,000 worth of old rusted motorbikes, including three Kawasaki's.

There was also a bunch of old fitness magazines lying around, one with film legend Schwarzenegger on the cover that dated back to 1976.

Pink Floyd concert tickets from 1987 were also found inside the building, suggesting the bodybuilding superfan lived there more than 30 years ago.

The images captured the home's structure completely deteriorated, giving off a creepy vibe after it was left to rot.

Urban photographer @Freaktography said he wore a respirator to protect himself from mould and dust that covered the inside of the property.

He said: "During this exploration we get a look at an abandoned biker death trap house that has been left untouched for over 30 years.

"This creepy abandoned house has been standing for more than three decades, with three abandoned motorcycles parked inside.

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"This scary place is a death trap for anyone who ventures inside, and has been left to slowly deteriorate over the years.

"If you're ever in the area be sure to avoid this creepy place at all costs."

The photographer gave no indication of why the property was abandoned.

However, the photos showed the house was left in a hurry with items not tidied away.

Beds had been made but were covered in junk and belongings of the person who once lived there.

Even the staircase was covered in rubbish and some rooms were so messy, they were considered to be death traps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the world's most celebrated actors, making it no surprise the Hollywood action hero captured the imagination of the past owner.

Abandoned mansions have trended on social media, with plenty of thrill seekers venturing inside the spooky sites.

A massive 52-room castle with a giant swimming pool and a ballroom was discovered earlier this month.

Another explorer stumbled upon a chilling horror movie-style house abandoned 18 years ago in France.

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