It’s a hat-trick: Third day in a row of no new local cases

Victoria recorded zero new locally-acquired cases of coronavirus on Sunday morning, with no new infections in hotel quarantine.

It’s the third day in a row the state has not reported any new COVID-19 cases, since a 26-year-old hotel quarantine worker tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

There are now just 21 active cases, with 14,862 test results returned on Saturday.

The results come after Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville announced a number of changes to Victorian hotel quarantine, at the request of the state government’s infection prevention control steering group.

From Thursday, all staff in hotel quarantine wear both face shields and surgical masks, which infection control experts believed was a “better option” than N-95 masks, Ms Neville said.

“Of course, we continue to use the N-95s and the face shields in the case of when they’re dealing with infected people and also when they enter rooms, which is rare but occasionally occurs in a medical emergency,” she told reporters.

Other changes include buffering rooms accommodating large families in hotel quarantine and ensuring meal delivery is staggered to minimise risk of doors opening at the same time.

She said a ventilation review had also begun to ensure the state government was not “leaving any stone unturned”.

“We have put in place a buffer around large families in all our hotels. We have taken about 140 rooms out of the hotel quarantine system as a result of that,” Ms Neville said.

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