Loaded AR-15-style rifle among weapons seized during US protests

A terrifying arsenal of weapons was confiscated during ongoing riots and protests across the US Wednesday — including a loaded AR-15-style rifle and an improvised explosive device, according to officials.

As protests continued for a second night in several major cities during the tense wait for election results, many appeared to come heavily armed and ready for violence amid a background of boarded-up buildings.

In New York, the NYPD said officers who arrested dozens during violent anti-cop protests in the West Village also recovered a Taser, two knives and M80 firecrackers.

“This is not a tool of a peaceful protest,” the force said alongside an image of a confiscated Taser with “police” written on it.

But the most alarming bust came in Portland as the National Guard was called in for the first time during a riot involving at least 600 people.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office shared photos of weapons confiscated from a man who was arrested for allegedly throwing a Molotov Cocktail at officers — including a high-powered AR-15-style rifle with a full magazine of ammo.

“They also recovered multiple additional magazines, an improvised explosive device, a knife and a spray paint cans,” said Chris Liedle, a spokesman for the Unified Command of local law enforcement in a 9 p.m. video update.

“The man was wearing a tactical vest with ballistic plates,” he added. The force also posted images of other weapons seized, including commercial-grade fireworks and hammers.

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