'Magician' who tore down Israeli posters suspended from day job

EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn ‘magician’, 41, seen tearing down posters of Israeli child hostages is suspended from his day job by his Jewish FATHER

  • Noah Schaffer was filmed with his wife on Sunday in Brooklyn Bridge Park 
  • He was working for his father at UX agency Human Factors
  • His father has announced his unpaid suspension to give him time to learn about his ‘Jewish family history’  

The Brooklyn ‘magician’ who was seen tearing down posters of Israeli child hostages this weekend has now been suspended from his job by his Jewish father. 

Noah Schaffer, 41, was filmed laughing in the face of a distraught Jewish woman who confronted him and his wife, Kelly, at Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

The pair had been ripping down posters of Israel’s missing and murdered children after the October 7 Hamas attack. 

His father Dr. Eric Schaffer issued an email to staff at Human Factors, the UX company he founded on Sunday, to tell staff Noah had been placed on immediate, unpaid leave for four months. 

Noah had been working as an Executive Strategist for HFI, after previously working as a magician at the dinner show, A Taste of Magic.

Noah previously worked as a ‘magician’ for A Taste of Magic, a dinner show in Manhattan. He had been working at Human Factors, a UX firm, but has been placed on leave by his father 

‘As has been noted, Noah is my son. He is not an antisemite nor a supporter of Hamas. I can attest that he has not acted this way at any time during his whole life. 

‘He now understands that his actions were reprehensible, he is deeply sorry and regretful,’ Eric Schaffer told staff. 

Noah’s father, Dr. Eric Schaffer, told staff at Human Factors that he had been placed on a four-month, unpaid suspension 

The time off will give him an opportunity to ‘learn about his Jewish family history, reflect deeply and make amends,’ he added. 

It’s unclear if Kelly, Noah’s wife who previously worked for city school program, still holds her job. 

The pair were named yesterday by DailyMail.com, along with Upper East Side financier Marc Louvet. 

He was also filmed taking down hostages’ photos this weekend, and defended himself when confronted. 

‘Where are the Palestinians? What about the Palestinians?’ he fired back when asked why he was removing the signs of the Israeli children. 

VanEck, the investment management fund he works for, has since announced that he has been placed on leave, and will likely be fired. 

‘We have just now been made aware of a video confronting an employee who had just town down posters of Israeli hostages in Gaza.

‘In no way does VanEck endorse such actions or statements, nor do we support the actions of terrorists in any way. Such insinuations are hurtful and damaging to the company and our

‘Israeli colleagues, family and friends. We are investigating the facts around the incident and our legal options concerning the employee whom we have placed on immediate leave and expect to terminate,’ the company said in a statement.

Louvet did not respond to DailyMail.com’s inquiries.

This statement was issued to Human Factors staff on Sunday informing them Noah was ‘not an antisemite nor a supporter of Hamas’ 

Noah’s wife Kelly is listed among protesters on the website ‘antifa watch’ after being arrested in New Jersey at a protest outside the Bergen County Jail where she and others demonstrated against ICE. It’s unclear what the status of that case is

His now-deleted social media pages were clean of any political posts, filled mostly with photos from romantic, beach trips with his girlfriend.

Noah previously worked for A Taste of Magic, a magic and dinner show on the Upper West Side.

A producer for the show confirmed to DailyMail.com that it was Noah in the video. He added that Noah had not worked with the group for a year. 

‘A Taste of Magic has no association with him or his recent actions, he hasn’t worked here for over a year,’ the producer said, declining to comment further on his actions. 

Kelly, his wife, previously worked as a social worker at Urban Dove, a city school program in New York. 

Marc Louvet, 45, is a French financier who lives on the Upper East Side. He was filmed while being confronted for removing posters of Israeli child hostafes

Louvuet worked for the investment management firm Van Eck. He is now on leave and the company said it soon expects to fire him 

Louvet with his girlfriend. The pair have now deleted their social media pages 

She is listed among protesters on the website ‘antifa watch’ after being arrested in New Jersey at a protest outside the Bergen County Jail where she and others demonstrated against ICE. 

It’s unclear what Noah now does for work. Urban Dove, the school program Kelly worked for, did not respond to DailyMail.com’s inquiries. 

The pair have also deleted their social media and LinkedIn accounts. 

They join a growing list of students and pro-Palestine protesters who have been filmed removing posters of Jewish hostages in the city. 

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has been steadfast in his support of the Jewish community since the start of the conflict. 

There have been a number of large, pro-Palestine protests in New York City since the violence broke out in the Middle East but none have become particularly violent or unruly.

Among demonstrations this weekend was one attended by non-binary And Just Like That Star Sara Ramirez, who waved a transgender flag at the protest despite the fact Palestine and Hamas follow sharia law that makes homosexuality illegal. 

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