Man smashes into a car after running into the road clutching a beer

Shocking moment man smashes into car windscreen after he runs into the road clutching a beer bottle and is knocked off his feet

  • Man holding a beer ran out in front of a moving car and smashed the windscreen
  • Despite the impact which knocked him to floor he got up and calmly walked off 
  • Crash on outskirts of Moscow, Russia, was captured on driver’s dashcam footage

A driver was given an enormous fright when a pedestrian smashed into their car while they were driving. 

Dashcam footage captures the moment a man clutching on to a bottle of beer walks towards the car from the pavement in the outskirts of Moscow, Russia. 

As his body hits the moving vehicle it sends him, and his beer, flying forward into the road, which is luckily quiet.

The pedestrian smashed into the moving car in Moscow, Russia, and broke the windscreen

Surprisingly the man manages to quickly get back on his feet and runs off across the other side of the road, leaving the beer he was holding behind in the road

The impact of the crash results in a loud thud and causes a large section of the windscreen to smash. 

Miraculously the man gets back up to his feet, leaving his beer behind in the road, and runs off across the other side of the road. 

As a result of the crash, which happened some time this May, the bonnet, door and wing mirror were also damaged. 

The driver said the man who jumped on their car ‘disappeared’ immediately after the crash. 

The crash with the pedestrian resulted in significant damage to the car, including a smashed windscreen and damage to the door, wing mirror and bonnet

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