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TWO twisted cops who joked about raping a 15-year-old girl and sent racist texts with Wayne Couzens have been found guilty.

Sicko's PC Jonathon Cobban and former officer Joel Borders sent the depraved WhatsApp's in a group used by Sarah Everard's killer.

A third man, PC William Neville, was cleared of sharing such material at City of London Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.

Messages from the Metropolitan Police pair were found when cops combed through Couzens' phone after the 33-year-old's murder.

The vile officers began their sadistic messaging on June 29, 2019, when another officer, never charged, spoke with Cobban and Borders.

In the message, the officer made jokes about sexually assaulting domestic violence victims.


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Former cop Borders, 45, replied: "Oh John, in that case you're probably f***ed".

Cobban, 35, then chimed back: "That's alright. DV victims love it. That's why they're repeat victims more often than not."

Borders then replies: "No, they just don't listen."

The pair shared a string of racist messages later that same day when they branded Hounslow, West London, a "f**king Somalian s**thole".

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Cobban added: "Great, there goes my p***y patrol – more like FGM [female genital mutilation] patrol."

Borders then tells him Feltham, West London, is "worse", saying: "I went there the other week and I felt like a spot on a domino."

The court were previously told the officers, who were all on duty at the time, also joked about raping a 15-year-old girl with mental health issues.

Cobban and Borders each denied five counts of sending by public communication network an offensive matter.

But today Borders was convicted of all charges while Cobban was found guilty of three of the counts but cleared of the remaining two.

They pair were found guilty of sending grossly offensive racist and misogynistic texts.

Neville, of Weybridge, Surrey, denied and was cleared of two identical charges.

Giving evidence Borders claimed: "I was saying she's the sort of person who would lead you on, sleep with you, then make a false allegation against you.

"So really the rape and beat should have been in quotations, but it's text isn't it – it's never grammatically correct.

"This has totally been blown out of proportion."

I meant for these messages to be taken as 'humorous banter and nothing more

He went on to claim he was "well thought of in the job" pleading to the judge to "ask anyone" that people "pleaded to be paired with me".

Cobban had denied his messages could be grossly offensive and said they were examples of a dark sense of humour which helped him cope with his job.

He added: "I meant for these messages to be taken as 'humorous banter and nothing more.

"They were nothing more than a thoughtless, dark sense of humour."

District Judge Sarah Turnock adjourned sentence until 2 November, telling Borders and Cobban: "You have been found guilty of these offences.

"And these offences make no mistake about it are extremely serious.

"You both face a very real prospect, in my opinion, of going to prison."

Edward Brown, prosecuting, earlier said: "The defendants were part of a WhatsApp group with the title "Bottle and Stoppers/Atkin's puppets" along with four other officers.

This has totally been blown out of proportion

"It should be noted that from time to time the correspondents would message about work-related topics such as training [and] for advice.

"It follows that this was a close-knit group of police officers…and there is no evidence that any of the defendants (or the other members of the group) 'called out'…

"Or challenged any of their co-defendants on receipt of what are said, by the prosecution, to be the offensive messages.

"The prosecution case is that, at the time, each of the defendants was a serving police officer, training to, and employed to, protect and support the citizens of a very diverse city.

"There were…not isolated incidents to which the co-correspondent did not somehow feel able to make objection.

The three men gave evidence at Westminster Magistrates' Court on July 28 and 29 before their appearance in court on Wednesday.

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Cobban, of Didcot, Oxfordshire, and Borders, of Preston, Lancs, previously denied five counts each of sending by public communication network an offensive matter.

The officer's names were revealed by the Crown Prosecution Service in February before their first court appearance – the CPS were preciouslyunable to do this due to operational reasons.

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