Mets increase capacity to 90 percent for vaccinated fans at Citi Field

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The New York Mets will increase their seating to 90 percent capacity for vaccinated fans beginning June 11, adding to a series of recent reopening measures as the spread of COVID-19 declines, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday.

Citi Field will be able to host 32,500 fans, 29,500 who will be vaccinated, meaning just 3,000 in the crowd will be reserved for unvaccinated people starting next week.

“You will see other sports teams doing that, you will see movie theaters, starting to do that, you will see restaurants, starting to do that, because it is a safer environment,” Cuomo said during a press conference at the Javits Center.  “And it’s more conducive to business, it also allows more business sales so it’s another reason to get the vaccine.

“Our goal is to have New York State as the reopening and reimagining capital of the world,” he added. “You are going to see a surge of consumer activity, and a surge of social activity. We want it to happen here.”

On May 5, Cuomo increased capacity in Empire State ballparks to “normal” levels for those inoculated against COVID-19 and 33 percent capacity for unvaccinated fans.
The reopening news comes as the state reached a 0.64 percent COVID-19 positivity rate — a level Cuomo said is the lowest in the nation.

Meanwhile, Cuomo announced that 45,883 New Yorkers ages 12-17 have gotten shots, and in turn have been submitted for a chance to score scholarship as well free as room and board to an in-state state college or university via a raffle. The third-term Democrat announced the names of the first 10 winners Wednesday, and said the 50-scholarhsip raffle continues until July 7, while cracking jokes about the financial burden of college on parents.

“This is about a $100,000 value, this scholarship. So congratulations to them, and congratulations to their parents,” he said.

“As a parent, because funding college is a nightmare for families all across America. And for the students, it’s great, but for the parents, it’s also great that they know this is something they’re not going to have to worry about.”

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