Mexican burglar gets stuck in railings trying to flee a crime scene

I’m a criminal, get me out of here! Bungling ‘burglar’ gets his head stuck in railings for two-and-a-half hours while trying to flee

  • The thief was attempting to burgle a house in Morelia, Mexico on Monday 
  • Police waited more than two-and-a-half hours before rescuing the burglar 
  • The criminal was handcuffed after he was rescued from the metal railings  

A suspected burglar got trapped while attempting to flee a crime scene after getting his head stuck in railings for more than two-and-a-half hours. 

The incident happened in Morelia, Mexico, and according to witnesses it took more than two hours for the emergency services to arrive at the scene. 

The man was trying to climb up through a metal grate which protected the property’s open yard from miscreants. 

This is the moment a burglar got his head trapped in metal railings  in Morelia, Mexico on Monday afternoon

The criminal was handcuffed by his rescuers and led to the edge of the roof where he was passed to another officer on the ground

Witnesses filmed the man as he was lowered into the custody of a municipal police officer 

Witnesses filmed the man after he got struck on Monday afternoon.   

As some residents called the police, others filmed the man as he failed to free himself.  

One witness claimed: ‘He looks like a rat caught in a rat trap.’ 

The suspect was eventually freed by three police officers who used bolt cutters to slice through the iron bars. 

The officer dragged the man onto the flat roof of the property he had planned to burgle and handcuffed him. 

One of the officers was brandishing an assault rifle. A second made his way down from the room in an acrobatic fashion performing a somersault.  

The criminal was led by the officer to a squad car for transport to the local police station 

Witnesses described the felon as ‘a rat stuck in a trap’ after he was stuck in the railing for two-and-a-half hours on Monday 

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