Mickey Mantle 'threw up' while performing sex act on Angie Dickinson

Yankees legend Mickey Mantle ‘was so drunk he threw up’ while performing sex act on Hollywood screen siren Angie Dickinson, new book claims

  • Gossip columnist Ben Widdicombe’s new book, Gatecrasher, is due out in July 
  • Widdicombe was told of alleged encounter by a veteran Daily News editor 
  • ‘The Mick’ was a Hall of Fame centerfielder for the New York Yankees
  • Dickinson, 88, is a Hollywood sex symbol who starred in films beginning in 1950s
  • Mantle was known for his womanizing and chronic abuse of alcohol
  • He died in 1995 just months after receiving a liver transplant. Mantle was 63 

Late New York Yankees legend Mickey Mantle was once reportedly so intoxicated that he threw up while he was having sex with Hollywood star Angie Dickinson.

The claim was made by a New York Daily News editor to gossip columnist Ben Widdicombe, the author of the upcoming book Gatecrasher.

‘That sofa you’re sitting on right now… Mickey Mantle sat on that very sofa and told me how he once went on a date with Angie Dickinson, took her home, and was so drunk that he threw up while he was [performing a sex act on her],’ Widdicombe was reportedly told by the editor.

Mantle, the Hall of Fame centerfielder for the dynastic Yankees teams of the 1950s and early 1960s, earned a reputation as a womanizing party animal off the field who liked to drink to excess.

Mickey Mantle (left), the Hall of Fame baseball player, is said to have vomited during a sexual encounter with Hollywood star Angie Dickinson (right)

Dickinson, 88, is considered a Hollywood sex symbol of the 1950s and 60s

Mantle played 18 seasons for the New York Yankees, during which he won four home run titles, three most valuable player awards, and a Triple Crown, which is earned by the player who hits the most home runs, drives in the most runs, and has the highest batting average in a season

The slugger’s most noted on-field accomplishments include four home run titles, a Triple Crown (most home runs, runs batted in, and best batting average in the same season), and three most valuable player awards during an 18-year career with the Yankees. 

He died in 1995 of a heart attack which he suffered months after receiving a liver transplant. Mantle was just 63 years old at the time of his death.

The former ballplayer attributed his poor health to his chronic alcoholism.

Dickinson, 88, was one of Hollywood’s premiere sex symbols in the 1950s and 60s. She appeared opposite John Wayne in the classic western Rio Bravo.

She also played Frank Sinatra’s wife in the original Ocean’s 11 film.

Dickinson dated Sinatra as well as other well-known men in the entertainment industry including Dean Martin.

She was rumored to have had a fling with John F. Kennedy, though she has denied this.

The story about Mantle’s alleged fling with Dickinson is recounted in Ben Widdicombe’s upcoming book Gatecrasher

The excerpt from Widdicombe’s book was first reported by Page Six.

Earlier this week, it was revealed in a new memoir by former sports reporter Diane Shah that Mantle propositioned her for sex.

The alleged incident took place in 1970, when Mantle, who retired from playing in 1968, was the Yankees’ first base coach.

In her book A Farewell to Arms, Legs, and Jockstraps: A Sportswriter’s Memoir, Shah recalls sitting down with Mantle for an interview.

According to Shah, she asked Mantle how long he had been married.

‘Too long,’ Mantle is said to have replied.

‘Then he reached inside his jacket and pulled out a greeting card,’ Shah writes.

‘He handed it to me. The front showed a picture of flowers, and I assumed this was a card he intended to give his wife. I opened it.

‘Inside, it said, “Wanna f ***?”

‘He grinned.’

Shah writes: ‘I stared at the card. Had he bought this specially for me, or was this something he did all the time?

‘I suddenly felt bad, but I wasn’t sure if it was for me or for him.

‘I closed the card and – without a word – handed it back.’

Diane Shah, a pioneering female sports journalist, has also alleged that ‘The Mick’ once propositioned her for sex while she was interviewing him in 1970

Shah then asked Mantle what he liked to do in the offseason. The author recalls that the former centerfielder ‘had replied that he liked to hunt and fish.’

‘I asked what he hunted, thinking maybe deer, grouse?’ Shah writes.

Mantle then replied with a naughty synonym for the word ‘vagina,’ according to Page Six.

Shah recalls the alleged encounter in her memoir A Farewell to Arms, Legs, & Jockstraps

Another author, Jane Leavy, who wrote a biography about Mantle in 2010, also described being hit on by the former ballplayer while trying to interview him in 1983.

At a bar in Atlantic City, Leavy said that Mantle had ‘his hand going up my thigh.’

‘Just before it got to the promised land, he fell face forward,’ Leavy told The New Yorker.

‘And I’m stuck under two hundred and twenty-five pounds of Americana.’

Leavy said she dragged Mantle to an elevator with the help of a waitress at his hotel.

As they walked toward the elevator, Mantle apparently kept on propositioning Leavy.

‘He goes, “Are you comin’ upstairs with me tonight, Jane?”

‘I go, “No, Mick”,’ she said.

‘The doors opened, he stumbled out, and I went back to my room and cried.’ 

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