Mississippi pol calls for state to ‘succeed’ from union over election results

The revolution will not be proofread.

A Mississippi state lawmaker tweeted that the state should “succeed from the union” following President Trump’s election loss to Joe Biden, according to reports.

Rep. Price Wallace, a Republican representing Rankin and Simpson counties in the state government, made the unfortunate typo Saturday in an apparent endorsement of a secession from the United States, according to Magnolia State Live.

“We need to succeed from the union and form our own country,” Wallace reportedly wrote on Saturday, when Biden won Pennsylvania and the presidency.

The tweet has since been deleted, according to Magnolia State Live, and as of Wednesday afternoon Wallace’s account was protected, meaning only approved followers could see his posts.

Wallace made the suggestion in response to a tweet from failed Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster critiquing the election process, the report said.

Trump and some in his orbit have refused to concede, alleging widespread election fraud without providing evidence to support the claim.

Mississippi was among 11 states that seceded to form the Confederate States of America in 1860 and 1861, leading to the Civil War and hundreds of thousands of American deaths.

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