Mom went blind, deaf and lost her hair when leaking $10k breast implant left body full of toxic silicone

A MOM went blind, deaf and lost her hair when a breast implant left her body full of toxic silicone.

Shannon Plemons, 42, spent $10,000 (£8000) to go from a B cup to a D cup but just six months after the surgery she began experiencing problems,

She began suffering chronic joint pain, migraines, hair loss and eventually lost her eyesight and hearing.

The pain became so excruciating the gym addict was left struggling to get out of bed and convinced she was dying.

And eventually medics told her she had six months left to live after finding she had breast implant illness (BII) and the silicone implant in her left breast had ruptured.

"I didn't think I was going to make it,” said the former oil industry worker from Arkansas.

"It's scary stuff. Now I have to take daily meds because my body is full of toxins."

But after seeking medical advice the grandmother-of-six this month had her implants removed entirely.

“In the weeks leading up to having the implants removed, I started really deteriorating

"The doctor knew there was something seriously wrong when he looked at me.”

“I was growing weaker and I told my family that I felt that there was a monster growing inside of me.

"As soon as I woke up after the surgery, it was like someone had switched the lights on. My vision and hearing came back. My symptoms improved immediately.”

Shannon had the implants in 2010 but suffered with the chronic pain for years and was forced to give up work for a while.

Shannon is now speaking out to warn other women of the dangers of breast implants.

"I put them in there and I have to live with the guilt that I almost killed myself but they don't tell you all the risks.

"I got them for my own self confidence issues because I never had big breasts and I'd had children.

“I wanted to like what I saw when I looked in the mirror and to make myself feel better.

"I would want to discourage anyone else thinking of getting breast implants. They can be a silent killer.

Shannon is looking forward to going back to work and enjoying life with pipe welder husband Jonathon, 49, and children Chaney and Cassidy, both 22, Chayde, 17, and 15-year-old Creyton.

"I haven't enjoyed life in five years. I'm so excited for my family to see my healthy again.

"I've missed out on so much. They go camping and I haven't been able to go.

"If my story saved one woman from making the same mistake I did then the struggle has been worth it."

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