Moment hero cops save man by pulling him out from under collapsed van

‘Thank God for these heroes’: Incredible moment five cops lift van with their bare hands to rescue man stuck underneath after vehicle collapsed during repairs

  • The remarkable bodycam footage shows officers in Kalamazoo, Michigan lifting the van to pull the victim out
  • Authorities confirmed the 50-year-old man was compressed under the vehicle for 10 minutes before going into cardiac arrest
  • The five officers received widespread praise for the rescue on social media as other warned people about the dangers of working under vehicles

Incredible footage has emerged of hero cops rescuing a man trapped under a van which collapsed on him while he was doing repair work.   

The video shows five officers in Kalamazoo, Michigan, saving the man’s life by lifting the vehicle off the ground and pulling him out. 

According to authorities, the 50-year-old unnamed male was working on his neighbor’s van when the vehicle fell off the jack, trapping him beneath. 

The man was speaking to officers when they arrived but then went into cardiac arrest as the weight of the van crushed him and compressed his upper torso. 

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety said he was under the car for about 10 minutes, before he was pulled out and given CPR. 

Incredible video footage shows officers lifting the SUV to pull the man out from underneath

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety said he was under the car for ten minutes

Authorities confirmed that the officers at the scene, named as Sergeant Hutson, Sergeant Mireles, Sergeant Luthy, PSO Baldwin and PSO Brink, were able to reestablish breathing and a pulse.

The remarkable footage, captured through a body camera, shows cops rushing to the scene on Hutchinson Street at about 7pm on April 15. 

One officer can be heard telling the victim to ‘hang in there’ as they work together to lift the red vehicle off his chest.

Once he is pulled from under the car, the video footage shows hero cops pulling the man away to safety as onlookers watch in horror. 

Authorities can been seen assessing the condition of the man before moving him to a more accessible area to receive medical attention. 

The victim was working on his neighbor’s van when the vehicle fell off the jack on April 15

The unnamed 50-year-old man went into cardiac arrest as his chest was crushed by the car

Sergeant Mireles was named as one of the brave officers who helped the man at the scene  

The footage left social media users in awe – while others have issued words of warning to those working with vehicles. 

One person wrote: ‘Wow! So lucky to be alive. Great quick response from the officers’, while another commented: ‘Thank God for these heroes.’ 

Another expressed their thanks, calling the officers an ‘amazing team of humans.’ 

One user commented: ‘Take this as a lesson….This is why it’s imperative to use jack stands when working under a vehicle! cinder blocks are a no no!.. they can crack & break and trap you under the vehicle & more likely suffocate you to death.

‘This guy is lucky to be alive. Good job officers, and everyone involved. Glad to hear the man is ok.’

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