Moment local vigilantes stop handbag thief in a supermarket car park

Dramatic moment a gang of vigilantes corner a handbag thief in supermarket car park as the angry mob dish out their own brand of justice

  • Group of vigilantes corner thief in supermarket carpark
  • The man is alleged to have used a stolen credit card
  • He escaped the mob and remains on the run 

A group of vigilante bystanders has cornered a man in an IGA carpark after he allegedly used a credit card he had earlier stolen from a woman’s handbag.

The Queensland woman had her handbag stolen from her car outside a Parkridge childcare centre, south of Brisbane, around 6pm on Friday evening.

In the hours that followed, the alleged thief is accused of making multiple purchases with her card until he then used it again at a local supermarket.

The woman was alerted that her credit card was being used at the IGA store in nearby Crestmead and quickly drove there to locate the thief.

When she arrived and told bystanders what had happened, the angry crowd took justice into their own hands and swarmed the man.

A group of vigilantes (pictured) have taken public justice into their own hands as they try to stop a handbag thief outside an IGA in Logan, Queensland

Footage posted online shows the man getting into the passenger seat of a car as locals try to pull him out.

One person is seen kicking the car as others try to pry the doors open and hold on to the car to stop him from getting away.

After a struggle that lasted minutes, the alleged thief managed to escape the local vigilantes and flee the scene.

The mother whose card was stolen took to social media saying: ‘They stole my bag tonight at 6pm from my car from outside my son’s childcare in Parkridge in the two minutes it took me to duck inside and collect them.’

‘It makes my blood boil that they are creeping around childcare centres.’

The alleged thief remains on the run. Queensland Police say they are investigating the incident.

After the alleged thief tried to use a stolen credit card, bystanders swarmed on him cornering him and attempted to pull him from the car he hopped into (pictured)

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