Moment three-year-old girl is whisked 100 feet into the air by kite

Terrifying moment three-year-old girl is whisked 100 feet into the air by giant kite during Taiwanese festival

  • Girl, three, was caught up in an orange kite at a festival in Nanliao, Taiwan today
  • She was seen twisting in the air as adults desperately tried to pull her back down
  • The youngster somehow managed to escape unharmed from the terrifying sight

Terrifying footage shows the moment a three-year-old girl was whisked 100 feet into the air by a giant kite during a Taiwanese festival. 

The unidentified girl was taking part in a kite festival on Sunday at Nanliao harbour in Hsinchu City when she was caught up by a giant, long-tailed orange kite. 

Footage from the scenes her twisting several times above a crowd of adults as they desperately struggle to pull her back down to earth.

Local reports suggest a group of people were able to catch her when she fell to the ground, with screams and yells filling the scene. 

As the kite tangled around the youngster, crowds leapt up to try and pull her down to earth

Strong winds at Nanliao harbour in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, saw the youngster take off for several seconds during the kite festival earlier today

She has been reported safe following the terrifying incident.

News reports suggest she was understandably frightened, but suffered no physical injuries other than some scratches to her face.

According to Taiwan News, she was taken to the hospital immediately after the incident and was joined by her mother.

It claims the kite was meant to be carrying candles which would it would then scatter from above. 

The swirling winds appeared to throw the girl into the air upside down as it blows her out of control

Despite soaring well above the crowds, the three-year-old girl is only thought to have suffered scratches following the terrifying incident in Taiwan

Crowds scrambled to catch the girl after a sudden gust caught her up in a large orange kite at a festival in Taiwan on Sunday

Part of the large orange kite tangled around the three-year-old, with shocked crowds scrambling to help below

It’s understood Hsinchu City’s mayor, Lin Chih-chien, has apologised for the incident.

According to Taiwan News, he said: ‘The city government team offers its sincere apology to the victim and the public.’

The entire festival was called off shortly after the shocking incident.  

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