Mum of 4-month-old baby yelled 'I can't wake him up' as nurse tells of heartbreaking battle to save him at Corfu hotel

THE mum of a four-month-old baby boy yelled "I can't wake him up" after finding him dead at a Corfu hotel as a nurse told of the heartbreaking battle to save him.

The 30-year-old British mum discovered her lifeless son on Friday morning in the hotel room in Argyrades, Greece, as their holiday ended in tragedy.

A British nurse staying at the Labranda Sandy Beach Resort raced to the room to help after hearing the distraught mother's cries.

The frontline nurse and the mum's friend fought in vain for about 30 minutes to save the child.

The locum nurse from Chippenham, Wiltshire, told Sun Online said: "I did CPR with her friend.

"We heard "help, help, phone the ambulance".


"I ran up the stairs because I didn't know where the shouting was coming from, I was like, "where are you, where are you" expecting to find someone had fallen over in the bathroom or something.

"She was like, "it's my baby, it's my baby, I can't wake him up". Her friend was there doing CPR.

"We took over on the compressions the two of us. But no-one was answering the hotel phone."

Another guest staying at the hotel ran to reception to call for an ambulance but a doctor took about 40 minutes to arrive, the nurse added.

She had gone on holiday to escape. She was an absolutely fantastic mum

The nurse said: "By this point she had picked up the baby.

"There was no chance we were going to get him back, but we both had to try.

"She was running around the apartment block just shouting , "My baby's died, my baby's died, help me, help me".

"We were like, "put him down, put him back down we'll try again". 

"When we got there I checked the pulse and there was nothing. He had been dead for a while, unfortunately.

"It was way too late, but like I said to my friend, what do you do, you have to give it a go."


A doctor who arrived tried two lots of CPR before calling the police, she said.

Medical Examiner Yiannis Aivatidis carried out a post-mortem examination after the baby's death and ruled out choking from feeding.

Dr Aivatidis also found there was no sign of bruising or injury to the body and declared the cause of death as "sudden infant death syndrome".

The mum and her pal, who are understood to be medics, had gone on holiday at the all-inclusive resort together.'

She is believed to have gone on holiday to "escape" after she and her partner broke up.


The nurse said: "She was so distraught this mum.

"She had gone on holiday to escape. She was an absolutely fantastic mum.

"When she was talking to everybody she was saying "this has really sorted my head out coming on holiday, I realised what's important. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me".  

"They moved her friend to another hotel to be nearer the hospital. The girl's mum flew out yesterday."

The nurse added: "When we left Greece the doctor over there said basically it was a cot death".

Doctors are providing the heartbroken mother with psychological support, according to local media.

Reports say that he British woman went to wake up her baby, but grew concerned when she saw he was not moving or reacting to her words.

A doctor later gave her the devastating news that the baby had died.

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